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In this section we try to give you some information about mineralogy news or simply consideration about specimens that were present in the show; to facilitate your reading and our work we aggregate our information by different country (…even if it almost impossible see everything expecially in the crowded days  ).

In the show there were many things from   China, Pakistan , India and Morocco interesting mixed and quality pieces offered by the main european dealers

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Let's start to  analyze the main things for each country…

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rutile & hematite from brasil

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SpainPortougal :   From la Garda mine very nice Autunnite in yellow green bright crystal. We see a museum  piece of abou 50 x30 cm

France -   A new find of globubolar green pyromorphyte from Asperies. We saw also interesting fluorite specimens from different locality and in different shape, to underline very   showy and bright blue fluorite from Le Burg. The most significant specimens were   huge crystal of bournonite St. Laurent le minier  in association with crystal of sphalerite. Another new find were good crystal of calcite  covered by green Devellina and selenite from Le Canavelle


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Calcite Devellina and Selenite Bournonite from St. Laurent

Germany -   We saw some nice piece of  green Boracite in anydrite matrix and Manganite crystal from Ilfeld. More rare  the native Bismut in crystals and some Flourites from   Annaberg mine.

Greece -    from here we can point out some good samples  from Lavrion  among these  to underline the Annabergite in green round crystal


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Autunnite from Portugal Acquamrine from Erongo Namibia


Morocco - In Saint Marie many dealers as usual spread in different tents  along all the show. The most interesting new finds are very nice purple flourite on barite from Guercif  and linarite and  Brochantite in nice blue -green association from Goulamina.  Among the classic specimens  to underline very nice Roselite  crystals up to 5-6 ,mm   and some top quality Erithryte  from Bou Azzer mine  unfortunatly most of the  other material is not so high level, anywhere was possible find some nice vanadinite specimens, and pinkish  bright Cobaltocalcite sm2004_19.jpg (73711 byte)


India - there was a new strike of the green apophyllites round balls on stilbite , pieces seems more lusters than in past but with the same hight prices

Tunisia - offer by a French dealer nice red barite pieces from Zryba

Ethiopia - interesting new Amazonite specimens in somthimes in associatian with  smoky quartz  like the most famaous pieces from Colorado but with lower quality


Namibia -   from here came out some new pieces from the classic Erongo mountains : Acquamarine of more dark blue color than in past times  in association with Schorl and good green Flourites . From Tsumeb very few , but good   old classic azzurrite  and pink smithsonite.

Madagascar - above the usually pieces of Pezzottaite a new find from the same mine were Chiavennite crystals  on very big size for the specie  1-3 mm

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Chiavennite from madagascar New fluorite on barite from Morocco

Other African Countries -  no many things to sign on other african countries above all the minerals  from kalaari manganese mines  with poldevardite and sturmantite in exceptional crystals and quality. An interesting zeolite  offered in some pieces was the bultfonteinite in association with poldevardite.  From Zaire a good   selection of Dioptase in crystals up to 1,5 cm.

Pakistan - from this country many dealers with good material but not many new finds , the only one we see were intersting vesuvianite very close to  the ones from Italian  Alps. To sign some elegant and gem quality acquamarine, topaz and apatites, among the other minerals incredible orange pink Morganites ,  and gemmy green diopside on quartz matrix.

Afghanistan - to point out   showy gemmy quality muticolour tourmaline matrix free  and  a couple of Lapis in perfect crystals of 4 , 5 cm .  Other  interesting pieces were some association of acquamarine , spessartine and schorl and some good crystal of pollucite sm2004_114.jpg (68441 byte)


Myanmar (Burma) - some interesting specimens from this country: high level red tourmaline with rounded termination from Mogok  for the first time in matrix pieces ,  more classic red spinel on calcite matrix and intersting yellow chondradrite. sm2004_109.jpg (72010 byte)


China -  The main part of the show  was full of Chinese Material , many dealers from China and many others  offering chinese material. First of all to sign very nice  piece of octaedric fluorite on quartz  from Den An mine  in all sizes loose sharp Bournonite crystals till 5 - 6 cm, among the other classic specimen some very nice Scheelites of dark color and  big Wolframites. The new find were same samples of creedite in trasparent crystal with flourite. sm2004_103.jpg (72114 byte)

Russia - no many things from this country, maybe the most interesting specimen were new trasparent Fluorite in dodecahedral   crystals and very few of light  colour.

Usa – from this big country we see some reasonable priced Tourmaline from   Pala in several color from pink to  green. From California  top quality pieces of crystalized native gold on quartz.

Brasil– from this big country another interesting new specimen find: Golden sagenite crystal on ematite blades in different size and very aesthetic. Green Titanites in Crystal up to 10 cm. Other new pieces nice Vesuviante crystal with garnets very close to the old Vesuvio pieces.Finally the claasic tourmaline from Pederneira. sm2004_49.jpg (73198 byte)

Australia - At Olivier tent some outstanding new specimens of Crocoite.

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Our table in the theatre stage


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