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The edition 2006 of Mineral Fossils and Gems Show of Saint Marie Aux Mines in synthesis can be remembered for some characteristic elements:

• The presence  of two new tents in which  all the exhibitors in the preceding editions scattered in a series of large tents have been gathered
• The creation on the stage of the theatre of a VIP zone reserved to exhibitors of high-level 
• The numerous presence of exhibitors and material primarily from China and Morocco
• The scarcity  of real mineralogical new finds
• The more and more diffused presence of exposures that few have to share with Mineral Collection
• The very high prices of most of the exposed specimens

Made these premises of general character we can now pass to analyse more in detail the show:  

As already said there were  numerous exhibitors with Chinese specimens , in large part of low to medium level, among these however to underline some interesting mineralogical news and a series of good stuff; among the news surely to highlight the presence of Silver and Achantite specimens from the province of Liaoning, very similar to those of Imiter, Morocco; some Molybdenites in crystals up to 6-7 cm on matrix coming from Nandan-Guangxi; very representative and aesthetic Blue Fluorites covered by gemmy crystals of yellow Barite; interesting  Wulfenites in small crystals of red colour coming from the mine of Liang Shang (Sichuan) and also some specimens of rare Kestorite; very aesthetical some Calcites with two different crystallizations ; among the classical minerals of this nation surely to underline good specimens of Realgar from Shimen in bright and well defined crystals and also good specimens of Cinnabar from Tong Ren.

From the Far East some Red Tourmaline in giant and loose crystals coming from Vietnam, and Spinel and other minerals from Luc Yen in evidence on white marble; finally the classical Tourmalines ‘cauliflower' coming from Burma

From India new specimens of Apophyllite white/green in evidence on micro crystals of red Stilbite (?) and also showy pink and fibrous Scolecites in spherical aggregates.

From Pakistan a reduced presence of exhibitors with only few news, among them some notable Chondroditis on matrix and some beautiful specimens of Bastanaesite.

From Morocco some interesting specimens of bright brown Titanite on orthoclase, and same nice specimens of hyaline quartz in association with crystals of siderite coming from the famous mine of Tata, for the rest the usual minerals with a quality and a variety not very elevated.

For the other African countries very few news, with the exception of some new fluorescent Orthoclase from Namibia and some remarkable amethyst quartz from Braundberg.

From Bolivia some classical specimens and rare  minerals

Finally from Europe large cubic transparent fluorites from Emilio Mine, and some amethysts. From France a new fluorite finding from the L’Avellan (Var) mine. From Italy some remarkable red Ferrierites from Monastir quarry and some historical specimens like some Phosgenites: Finally some interesting and rare Sulphosalts from UK and some classical fluorites. To be remarked a stand of minerals from Trepca ( Kosovo ) : a classical mine that has been re-opened.

Finally to synthesize our experience from this edition of the show, we have to highlight a little bit of disappointing due to the practical impossibility to find some interesting specimens to propose in our websites: generally the prices were very high compared to the quality and rarity of the specimens. We anyway found some interesting specimens that will be proposed in the next future .

Final remark to Fernand Gautier who died just in the same period of this edition: one of the historical exhibitors of this classical mineral show that has always enriched the show with the quality of his stand and especially with his high human profile and sympathy.

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