Saint Marie Aux Mines
- Edition 2007 -

Having been being for some years assiduous visitors of the Show of Mineral Fossils and Gems of Saint Marie Aux Mines  we risk to fall in the syndrome of the 'already seen' ending  to see with accordingly observing with a critical eye the demonstration and falling in the error not to succeed in seeing the novelties or the interesting things present in the show. Then perhaps and necessary to premise that independently from the feeling that it will result from the reading of this report and' surely necessary to confirm that the Show of Saint Marie and one of the points of reference of mineral's collection to international level and obviously of the whole armature more or less connected to the world of the mineral ones.   Besides, as for all the other demonstrations of the sector, the most greater or smaller presence of mineralogical novelty in many cases not and' imputable to the show or to his/her organization but it depends from the numerousness and from the quality of the recoveries of mineral from collection in the world.

Having to illustrate with some sensations the feelings surely left by this edition of the demonstration we can say:

    Rain, so much rain: surely and' is the edition more disturbed by the rain of the last years,... and surely this has not engraved few on the development of the demonstration both in terms of presences of public that of satisfaction of the exhibitors (above all those that were found in the curtains or he/she anchor worse to the open one)

    Consolidation and growth of the zone VIP inside the theater: the tendency had been initiated already last year and has been  consolidated in the current edition, the whole theater and turns VIP to zone with small stand devoted to every exhibitor and in which the best of the international mineral market could be admired (.. unfortunately with prices often out of mind  for the middle collector!).

    Presence of public with high and low and surely in format meeting place in comparison to trails editions (.. in good part owed to the bad meteorological conditions)

    Scarce presence of real mineralogical novelties

    In terms of typology of the mineral surely offered in the various stands Saint Marie it is confirmed the show for the aesthetical colelctor (.. in practice the whole zone VIP of the theater  is the ghota of it!) but in this edition we can say, in line with an international tendency, the growth of the offer of mineral from systematic and rare

    Prices a lot of variable and however very elevated of the exposed champions (... with a strong tendency to the decrease in the last days)

Made these premises of general character we now pass to an analysis more in detail of the material and the other aspects that has characterized the 2007 edition.

Very numerous the exposures devoted to China, in good part of low middle level and with few novelties of reality interest collezionistico, among these some champions of a new recovery of aesthetics calcites to 'pineapple' in big and well defined crystals in association with transparent and bright small crystals of green-blue fluorite, one a quantity and quality of beautiful Wulfeniti in small crystals of red color coming from the mine of Liang Shang (Sichuan), among the novelties besides you sample of tormaline bi-coulor from the green to the red and some epidot in big crystals very similar to those famous of the Alaska. For the rest few other novelties of relief with a presence and a quality a lot of redoubt especially in relationship to some classical Chinese like the mineral ones of Yagonxian, the inesiti, the cinnabars, the realgars...  


From the extreme visible east surely the presence of Spinelli on white marble from Vietnam (.. unfortunately of very low quality) while notable still some Rubellitis in deriving giant and loose crystals always in Vietnam.; finally from Burma (Myanmar) a good variety of the classical Tormalines to ‘cauliflower in loose crystals or on matrix.

In rebate the presence from India with really few signalings of relief if some beautiful champions of Yugawaralite are excepted and other rare zeoliti.

Also from the  Pakistan few novelties perhaps with a presence reduced of exhibitors by to signal some notable champions of Tormaline and Aquamarines offered in the zone VIP of the theater however. 

As in the other editions not a lot of things to be signalled from America if some beautiful exposures are excepted from Brazil with in evidence the interesting rhodonitis of intense red color 


Historically Saint Marie and' is always a demonstration  con a strong presence of exhibitors and material coming from Morocco and also in this edition the presence of material coming from this country and' is notable even if with not a lot of novelties; among these to recently be underlined notable champions of Argentite, Acantite and Blenda Argentifera coming from a geode discovery to Imiter, new yellow-green fluoriti coming from a mine near Erfoud notable champions of Roselite-beta from Bou Azzer and finally again some beautiful lotteries of Vanadinite on goetite or on white barite.  

In this edition of the show surely to observe a good presence of exposures from Namibia and from the Sudafrica with good champions of Fluorite and Red and Green Quartz from Orange River, Rodocrosite and Shigaite, Calcites pseudomorph and others. Always from the African continent, from a recent excavation, a notable quantity of Senegaliti from Senegal. Finally very interesting the mineral ones coming from Congo, apart the usual great lotteries of Malachite and Crisocolla, also good champions of Mineral radioactive and a new recovery of Rutils in big reddish crystals on matrix..

Rich as always the offer of European champions even if with the usual shortage of new recoveries. Interesting an exposure entirely devoted to the mineral Finns with giant Meioniti, new gemmy apatiti on quartz matrix and others unusual mineral to be seen. From the countries of the east really scarce the presence of Russian minerals , some notable champions of Heliodors from Ukraine, a really vast exposure of gipsum roses from a new descovery in Germany and then few other to be signed if it is excepted from France some really notable champions of Pink Fluorites from the Mont Blanc and a good quantity and quality of Quartz on siderite from Vizille and finally the usual very beautiful blue fluorites from Le Burg..

Regarding the visible champions in the zone VIP of the theater we already have paralato: all stupendous and perfect champions accompanied by extraordinarily elevated figures for the collector  medio. The feeling visiting this area and' that he is assisting to a division in castes in the world of the collectors,... and don't believe to be able to share a lot this tendency!

Obviously for our group the show of Saint Marie, further to be a moment of sale and verification of the international mineralogical market and' above all a moment of purchase of new games with the purpose to be able to guarantee a suitable offer on our sites. From this point of view we can say to sufficiently be satisfied some reached results and we hope that can be also it you........

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