2008 S.Marie Aux mine Show


This is our 8th participation to the S.Mine aux mine show the second largest European show , that transfers in visitors and exhibitors a sort of Tucson feeling. The show is divided in two main areas Euromineral and Euro Gems with about 800 exhibitors spread in tents and several spaces. The athmosphere of this show is really unique, organized in the hearth of Alsace region, in the historic center of the old city of S. Marie aux Mines it is a unique opportunity to couple tourism and mineralogical passion

For the minerals the hearth of the show is the theatre of S. Marie with the Exhibition of several Big dealers from Europe and overseas. The other main area for collectors is the “expace mineralogie passion” with a large choice of minerals and fossils from all over the world. The tents are mostly occupied by Chinese and Morocco dealers that here in s. Marie have a large presence and by many wholesale dealers. S. Marie is the show where to make bargains with small or large lots of material, even if the quality is very often low to very low and it is not easy to find mineral specimens of high level at reasonable prices.
There were many visitors spread in all days and divided in 2 categories : the most excited ones that visit the show in the setup days to look for the news from the mineralogical world and to look for the “best” occasions and go home on Thursday afternoon with a result of a slow Friday and the “normal” ones that arrive on Friday to visit the show in the week-end

Genaral shots from the show

There were not many interesting mineralogical news in the show as we are seeing also in others recent international shows. China is offering a large quantity of specimens and we can point out some scorodite crystals with gemmy blue, and quite sharp, crystal till 1 cm but quite expensive. Another new items were green quartz "Prase quartz" :the specimens are loose, single crystals or clusters of two or three,. The quartz prisms are very thin, and taper to points; they are lustrous, and colored with a pleasant greyish green, presumably by included hedenbergite or by (why not?) actinolite. Still form China we point out very few specimens of Chabasite in yellow crystals over smoky quartz and orthoclase and some new purple fluorite with dark edges forming little stalactites covered by calcite . Finally from China we highlight very few specimens of plumbogummite in deep blue crystals.

Chabasite from China Prase quartz from China

From Morocco   there were many interesting classic pieces  from Bou Azzer  but very few quality vanadinites.   The most recent find in Morocco is   wire silver specimens from the Imiter mine, Ouarzazate, but of few years ago. From the same area we foud few specimens of good quality red proustite, and a classic azurite specimen . We   noted  also some fluorite covered by goethite and calcite from El Hammam and some very nice cobaltocalcites. Finally there were the classic yellow fluorites from Aouli, but very few of good quality, being the large majority of the material opaque and mostly damaged.

Another new find ( actually already presented in Tucson this year ) were spessartine from near Loliondo, Tanzania . These gorgeous, gemmy, orange crystals are mostly loose ones but there are some few pieces on matrix :a good garnet is still priced up to 1000 euros. From Africa there was some good material from Zaire, classic malachite specimens and few lucent intense color Cobaltocalcites.

Spessartine from Tanzania Scepter Quartz from Madagascar
Spessartine from Tanzania  

From Brazil we note some interesting montebrasite crystals, mostly in loose crystals and several Brasilianite pieces together with many rare species like svambergite . in the gemmy side Brazil was offering the best tourmaline that was possible to see at the show.

From Pakistan and Afghanistan there were many choice of gemmy minerals but most of poor quality In the Theatre some very nice aquamarine , apatites and morganites were offered.

From Bolivia a new find of Bournonite in flat crystal till 3 cm

Montebrasite  from Basil  
Rhodocrosite from South Africa Tourmaline Pederneira

From Europe not many news but a large selection of classic piece from defunct locality : to  point out the a British dealer with an old sample of plumbogummite and mimetite collected in 1848: a fantastic piece, nut very highly priced. There were also nice pink flourite over calcite   from M.Blanc but definitely over priced !!

Plumbogummite Mimetite   from England ex British museum piece Plumbogummite Mimetite 
Diopside from testa Ciarva Pink flourite over calcite
Cobalto calcite from Morocco Dyscrazite from Cezch Rep.


Obviously for our team the show of Saint Marie, further to be a moment of sale and verification of the international mineralogical market it’s above all a moment of purchasing new items to offer in our website . From this point of view we can say to be satisfied and we hope for also for you …
Stay tuned for the new updates were we’ll present a selection of the new purchases…..

Wulfenite from China Proustite from Chile
Flourite from Pakistan