An Alpine Classic Mineralogical Locality:

Tavetsch Valley and Adjoining areas (CH)


A classic alpine mineralogical tour should comprise the San Gottardo pass with a visit to the Andermatt and Goshenen "stralhers" and then through the Oberalp Pass to reach the Tavetsch valley and then back to Italy through the Lucomagno Pass.

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The Tavetsch valley is one the "cult" alpine mineralogical areas. All the secondary valleys (Val Valley, Giuv Valley, Curnera Valley) are extremely reach in minerals. Also the Medel Valley (more famous as Lucomagno valley) and its secondary valleys (Cristallina Valley and Casatsha Valley) still now provides wonderful specimens of Alpine minerals. The main villages in Tavetsch Valley are Sedrun, Disentis and Platta. In these villages till now several professional alpine "strahlers" offer a limited variety but very selected quality Alpine specimens.

Coming from Andermatt, immediately after the Oberalp Pass, is the worls famous Cavradi   collecting area. This locality provided in the past and still provides probably the better tabular Emathyte roses ("Eisenrose") of the world. All the crystals show a sharp brighthness and a typical epytassic growing of red rutile crystals. This association is worldwide famous and still now unique for beauty and elegance. Emathyte rosettes are  associated with Quartz and Adular.   Adulars from Cavradi and adjacent localities need also a special mention. Crystals are lustrous, sharp, semitransparents with extremely elegant habitat and complex growings often associated with Quartz and Emathyte. We have to say that these specimens represent an "Alpine classic"

Close to the Cavradi Emathyte locality also nice xls of Anatas may be collected. Val Giuv is famous for another classic alpine mineral : Milarite. In the same valley also nice quartz  samples with typical "gwindel" growing are found.Val Giuv provides also Epidoto, Titanite, Stilbite, Cabhasite and Apatite.

In the upper part of Tavetsh Valley we found famous localities for Alpine pink fluorite (Piz Blas and Piz Rondadura). Near Piz Blas several rare minerals have also been found like Sinchisite, Xenotime, Monazite and Gadolinite.

Immediately close to Sedrun Village there is the famous "Drun Tobel". It provided in the past  wonderful specimens of Anatss and Titanite. The other world famous mineralogical paradise are the Val Cristallina and Val Casatsha areas. Both the valleys join Medel Valley. The area provided probably some of the best adular xls with exceptional dimensions (up to 40 cm) as well as of Periclino and Titanite. Also wonderful Apatite specimens of lilla colour have been collected in the 50'. The area provides also other nice minerals such as Alpine Damburites,Datolites,Monazites.

In the annexed charts some of the most interesting collecting area are showed in the Annexed Charts.

Please note that Collecting is regulated by Cantonal rules and a personal permit released from Cantonal authorities is needed for collecting in the area.

The first weekend of August is for the Disentis mineral show. The great majority of the local professional strhaler exhibit their self collected Alpine minerals in very nice setting inside the "Sport Palace" of the town. In our page we offer a small selection of these unique Alpine mineralogical samples and associations.

Main Localities and Minerals:

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(1) Chastal -
(2) Droselegg - Anatasio, Brookite, Ilmenite, Titanite
(3) Griesser - Anatasio, Brookite, Calcite, Ilmenite
(4) Val Gronda - Apatite rosa, Epidoto
(5) Intschi Tobel - Albite, Apatite rosa
(6) Intschialp-Bach - Apatite, Brookite
(7) Lugental - Pirrotina
(8) Rieder Tobel - Albite, Apatite Rosa, Brookite
(9) Straligen Stockli -  Smoky Quartz
(10) Bristensee -
(11) Sollener Tobel - Epidoto
(12) Steintal - Amianto
(13) Rieder Wald  -
(14) Teiftal - Amianto, Apatite, Quarzo
(15) Brunnital - Ilmenite
(16) Piz Ault -  Milarite
(17) Calmut - Bazzite, Milarite
(18) Val Giuv Alta - Milarite, Amhetyst, Smoky Quartz
(19) Alta Etzlital - Scolecite, Stilbite
(20) Val Val Alta - Milarite, Smoky Quartz, Stilbite  

(21) Bachenstock - Ematite, Fenacite
(22) Alpe Caschle - Titanite
(23) Fedenstock -
(24) Piz Nair -
(25) Schijenstock -
(26) Witenalp
(27) Barcuns -
(28) Disentis - Alp Run
(29) Drun Tobel - Anatasio, Titanite,
(30) Plaun Miez
(31) Gola Val Russein - Epidoto, Titanite
(32) Baums -
(33) Calmut -
(34) Claus - Monazite
(35) Lukmaniersclucht
(36) Mompè Model -
(37) Alp Tgom -
(38) Sontga Brida - Albite, Anatasio, Monazite
(39) Bova Gronda -
(40) Scalinada Bringda -


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(1) Glatscher da Maighels - Titanite
(2) Mouta Naira - Adularia, Titanite
(3) Fourcla Paradis - Axinite
(4) Glatscher dallas Tuors - Adularia
(5) La Bianca - Adularia
(6) Val Casatscha - Apatite
(7) Piz Borel - Anatasio
(8) Curnera - Kainosite
(9) Glatscher de Nalps - Fluorite, Gadolinite, Sinchisite
(10) Planca Cotschna -
(11) Piz Rondadura - Fluorite
(12) Glatscher da Tuma -
(13) Piatto della Miniera -  

(14) Val Cristallina - Adularia, Apatite, Milarite, Quarzo
(15) Piz Miez - Adularia, Albite, Axinite, Danburite
(16) Alpe Stgegia - Albite, Axinite
(17) Tuors - Apatite
(18) Piz Vallatscha - Axinite, Danburite
(19) Val Cadlimo -
(20) Piz Nurtsschalas - Titanite
(21) Val Blaua - Anatasio, Monazite, Rutilo
(22) Gola di Cavradi - Ematite, Rutilo
(23) Pardatsch - Monazite, Rutilo