Turin Mineral's Show 2001


The first week of October  there is   the classic appointment with the Turin mineral show.  In this section you can read some of our impressions about this mineral event , that is one of the most important in Italy. You can also find  some pictures of the specimens that we have seen during 3 days

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General view of the mineral show

This year there was much  public than last year  but the show seems to became less and less a mineral show. There are less minerals tables in general with less foreign exibithors , due (may be) to  the international sitiuation of these months , and less Italians too,  due to the   scarsity of minerals finds in our country . No mine activities , a lot of Natural Park ..etc. It's very difficult to find something really interesting.

As usual  a part of the show was reserved to a special exposition of italian minerals from museums and private collections. These samples were very nice and dedicated to the two most famous mine in Piemonte Traversella and Brosso . We discovered that also this last mine is going to became a Museum ( I remeber many beautiful trip  here ...Sigh!)

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Some Brosso of the samples exposed


The exposed minerals were mainly international specimens, aesthetic and of medium to good average quality, not exceptional.  There were also some stands of good italian minerals, particularly sicilian sulfur, hessonite and alpine minerals and Carrara marble quarry minerals.

Among new Italian Find  we see very nice garnets both from Val di Susa and Val Pellice in XX up to 1 cm very good color and luster. Other interesting pieces were some big apatites from Val Aurina , those piece comes from the find described in Lapis of September. From Sardinia there were nice barite specimens that were recovered this Summer from a friend of us in the Villamarsaggia area.

Some dealers had many pieces comeing from old collection for example silver from Sardinia, Quartz XX 20 collected in 1935 at Brosso


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Brosso quartz (1935) Hessonite from Val di Susa

There weren't  remarkable new specimens from new findings . Almost nothing from China, so much prolific in the recent times. . As usual there were very good minerals from Morocco: some remarkable yellow anglesites, but with very expensive prices.  There was a lot of vanadinites with every association of goethite, barite ... but the best find were the Auoli Flourites that were offered by different Morocco dealer , we haven't ever seen so much.

The participation and the representation of minerals from Pakistan and Afghanistan was very scarse but some Italian dealers have  Tourmalines, topaz and morganites plus the usual aquamarines in very nice pieces.

Finally there was a certain variety of Russian Minerals from Dal'nergosk but not so much as 6-7 years ago.

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Our table

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Hessonites ...

Here below we will show some of the most interesting new specimens we found . Clearly the choice is strictly subjective, and we apologize with the exhibitors that aren't present in this personal selection. We gave preference to the italian minerals , since this is one of the best occasion to find some very interesting italian minerals and .....they aren't so well known. .....


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Sulphur X from Carrara Classic quartz X  perfectly trasparent and behind a sulphur crystal on the Carrara Marble
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Sulphur from Cozzodizi Benitoite &  Neptunite.
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Nice 70 cm plate ...... ....from Val di Susa
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