Turin Mineral's Show 2002


Also this year, and for the last time in this site, there was the classic appointment with the Turin mineral show; from 2003 edition the Turin Mineral's show will be in Lingotto palace, an old Fiat building that now is dedicated to international shows and other fairs.  In this section you can read some of our impressions about this mineral event, that is, with Bologna and Verona, one of the most important in Italy.

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General view of the mineral show

This year there was less   visitors  than last year: ...maybe the Fiat crises, ...maybe the ticket entrance, ...maybe some other problems; and also for this edition we can say that this show seems to became less and less a mineral show.  We can repeat our past year analysis: there are less minerals tables in general with less foreign exibithors  and less Italians too,  due to the   scarsity of minerals finds in our country . No mine activities , a lot of Natural Park ..etc.  It's very difficult to find something really interesting.

As usual  a part of the show was reserved to a special exposition of italian minerals from museums and mineralogical group: among these very interesting for sistematic collector the specimens presented by the Traversella group and a remarkable perowskite from Rocca Sella that seems to have been collected 2-3 years ago The XX have an edge of 4 cm!

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A piece found this Summer at Traversella The huge Perowskite from Rocca Sella

The exposed minerals were mainly international specimens, aesthetic and of medium to good average quality, not exceptional.  There were also some stands of good italian minerals, particularly Alpine minerals, Hessonites

Among new Italian Find  we see very nice garnetsfrom Val Pellice in XX up to 1 cm very good color and luster they where found following the last year vug

To evidence some new alpine finding from M. Blanc; in one of this, some our friends, in August from an old vug found some very nice specimens,of Smoky quartz and Gwindels ....but for a detail description of this we address you to dedicated report.

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Smoky Quartz from M. Blanc Gwindel from M. Blanc


There weren't  remarkable new specimens from new findings .

The only new specimens proposed by a German  dealer were  Prasio Quartz from Serifos that was collected this Summer in remarkable specimens and the best were swapped out during the set up on Thurday.

Almost nothing from Morocco, so much prolific in the recent times. . the quality of Vanadinites seems to be lower than last times as well for the others minerals. A good sample of skutterudites were offered by some dealers.

The participation and the representation of minerals from Pakistan and Afghanistan was very scarse only 3  dealers have  Tourmalines, topaz and morganites plus the usual aquamarines in very nice pieces..also some very intersting afghanites at low prices

Finally there was a certain variety of Russian Minerals among all a new founf of Perowskite in XX up to 3-4 cm

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One of Our table

to2002_07.jpg (13083 byte)

Hessonites ...

Here below we will show some shots taken during the 3 days


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Perowskite from Urals Prasio and Hematite from Serifos
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Prasio from Serifos Prasio from Serifos