Turin Mineral's Show 2003


 This year the show has been held for the first time in a new Congress Center inside an old Fiat plant (Lingotto)which was dismissed around 20 years ago and now is used as a large congress center,a shopping center and offices.This building is very interesting,was built in 1915 and has on top a 2 km. road which was used as test for cars built in the plant.On top there is also an Art Gallery whith paintings from Canaletto to Picasso.Really an interesting area which is worth to visit. 

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Exterior views of Lingotto

The show was large in an area with many columns and very different from the building of the last years.Another view,but we can confirm what we said in the prevoius year.Much less minerals, dispersed in a vast market of jewels,artisancrafts and other things. 

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Some views of the show  

The exposed minerals were mainly international specimens, aesthetic and of medium to good average quality, We saw some interesting minerals from Pederneira,Brasil tormaline,acquamarine and hematite.Nothing interesting from Maroc,which gave was generally good sample at this show.From Madagascar a large selection of the new mineral Pezzottaite (Cs rich Beryl) and excellent Tourmalinees.No new minerals from Pakistan or Afghanistan and also few dealers from that area.

To be remarked was the presence of a Canadian dealer who brougth a wide selection of Vesuvianite from Asbestos,Quebec.These specimens were of different sizes from large cabinet to miniature with a very good colour and crystal shape.He had a very good commercial fortune,indeed.

Italian findings were scarce,nothing significant from Alps,even if rumours of new garnets and vesuvianites were heard.The most interesting new was that a large boulder of Hematite was mined on Elba island and some top pieces were presented at one table.Cabinet pieces with crystals up to 3 cm. with a nice and shining colour.Very attractive.

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Many special exibits were presented. Milano Natural History Museum showed some new acquisitions,expecially minerals from Pakistan.Piedmont regional museum exibited many interesting pseudomorphosis from worlwide locations.Other exibitions were offered by local collectors groups

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