Turin Mineral's Show 2005


 This year the show has been held for the third time in the new Congress Center Lingotto A nice location  central to the town with and very confortable to reach. The Show  started friday morning with exibithors setup and the first visitors arrived  around noon . Saturday was quite busy with severals collectors  looking around   and thinking how to spend their budget  which in general has become  shorter than in past years. on Sunday there where many visitors too but  more curious than minerals collectors.  Anyway we have to remenber that teh majority of this show  is dedicated to bijoux , lapidary and various objects  and about 1/3  to minerals.  This is a general trend  we see in the shows .

Among visitors  also some foreign  mainly french collectors  but also japaneese infact we say also  Key's minerals  people walking around  for the 2 days.

Above Apatite from  Brasil , Topaz from China Wulfenite Los Lamentos , Goethite after Pyrite val Gesso

The exposed minerals were mainly international specimens, aesthetic and of medium to good average quality. We saw some interesting minerals from ,Brasil such as a new find of Apatite.  From China a remarkable Topaz sample and the usual fluorite, spessartite and so on .


From Italy there was a new find of Goethite after Pyrite from an old mine in val Gesso Cuneo . Those were pentadodecaedric crystals with a size till 7 cm on a yellow etched matrix or loose.  From Alps samo nice samples of quartz, pink flourites  , Hematite ...and so on.

From Carrara a nice honey yellow sphalerite and several good quartz on  white marble.

In several tables there were many pieces coming from old collection suc as ,nice perowskite from Val Malenco , an impressive Los Lamentos Wulfenite, Titanites  from Aurina Valley  all very attractive.

Among other systematic minerals some nice alpine damburrite from Val di Susa , a new mineral  Scheuchzerite, Fianel Mine Grigions Switzerland  in limited samples. Nice Kola material and interesting chilean specimen too.

Many special exibits were presented. Turin Natural History Museum showed some old samples from Sardinia mines  while some private collectors or Mineralogical groups organized little exhibiths on  thematic subject such as Traversella mine , Brosso mine , and above all a nice showcase of quartz with bissolite and pink fluoritefrom Miage glacier