Turin Mineral's Show


The last week of September there was the Turin mineral show.  In this section you can read some of our impressions about this mineral event , that is one of the most important in Italy. You can also find  some pictures of the specimens that we have more appreciated and some impressions .

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General view of the mineral show

This year the participation of major dealers was less important than the other years probably due to the time proximity with the Munich mineral show ( most important in Europe and probably one of the most important of the world)  the week after.

As usual  a part of the show was reserved to a special exposition of italian minerals from museums and private collections. These samples were really fantastic, particularly there were some pink fluorites from M. Bianco among the best we have ever seen: samples of 2 or more centimeters of a deep pink color over smoky quartz: really exceptional samples.

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Some of the samples exposed

Also in this case, like most of the major shows, the stands were mainly of international exhibitors and sellers, and the rock hounders were almost completely absent.  In our opinion the organization should reserve a space to these stands , possibly at cheaper prices.  

The exposed minerals were mainly international specimens, aesthetic and of medium to good average quality, not exceptional.  There were also some stands of good italian minerals, particularly sicilian sulfur, cinnabar from Amiata mine, pyrite from Elba island, smoky quartz from Bianco mountain and some minerals in the Carrara marble.

There weren't  remarkable new specimens from new findings . Almost nothing from China, so much prolific in the recent times. SomeMvc-483f.jpg (31784 byte) new rutiles from Azerbajian, very nice of metallic color and extremely brilliant ( you can see the Gem Specimens page for a good selection of these minerals that we offer you ). As usual there were very good minerals from Morocco: some remarkable yellow anglesites, but with very expensive prices. Interesting Eritrites, deep violet in color, very representative samples of this rare mineral, the best in the world. There was a lot of vanadinites. Not so much on white barite, but anyway we found a lot of deep red, shining crystals over white barite ( about these minerals we offer you three page of specimens we bought in the minerals show: Erythrite Page, Vanadinite Page 1 and Vanadinite Page 2 )

As usual the participation and the representation of minerals from Pakistan and Afghanistan was very large and the samples extremely nice. Tourmalines, topaz and morganites plus the usual aquamarines were well represented. The best samples in our opinion were in a stand of an Italian dealer, making three times a year travels to the Himalayan region to collect good and selected samples ( see always in the Gem Specimens page for a good selection of these minerals)

Finally there was a certain variety of fluorites. In practice no italian samples, but some very nice chinese, spanish and French ones.Fluorite is always an extremely attractive mineral in hundreds on colors, transparencies and shapes ( ...for this we have taken many samples, some of them we offer in the Fluorite Page ).

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Our table

A special mention should be reserved to the sulfur. This year there was a  lot of material and selection of italian sulfur: the bituminous one and the bright one from Sicily with the usual complex crystal shapes, the less colorful one from Perticara, with the rhombic bipirimidal crystals typical of this mine.A special mention should be reserved to a stand that raised a lot of interest. This stand presented some artificial sulfur crystals in practice indistinguishable from the natural ones: really incredible. A lot of dealers and buyers was a little bit worried about this new "entry" in the world of minerals.

Nevertheless at a very careful exam these samples should be distinguished from the natural ones: the matrix is identical, but the artificial crystals tend to be in crust of large aggregates of crystals more than isolated crystals on matrix. The XX were glistening, but less transparent and bright than the best ones from Sicily. Anyway the crystals are hardly distinguishable and with the same matrix on the natural ones.

We have seen some of the major italian dealers of sicilian sulfur buy this artificial ones: our suggestion is to be very careful in acquiring new sicilian sulfur at cheap prices and in crusts or aggregates of samples.

Here below we will show some of the most interesting new specimens we found . Clearly the choice is strictly subjective, and we apologize with the exhibitors that aren't present in this personal selection. We gave preference to the italian minerals , since this is one of the best occasion to find some very interesting italian minerals and .....they aren't so well known. .....


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Sulphur X from Carrara Classic quartz X  perfectly trasparent and behind a sulphur crystal on the Carrara Marble
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Nice quartz XX from Miage glacier - M. Blanc Nice quartz XX from Miage glacier - M. Blanc
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Gold from Brusson mine - Italy Scheelite X ( 6 cm ) well evident on talc, from Traversella  mine (Ivrea - Italy)
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Intersting coralloid aragonite on calcite from Dossena mine A nice crocoite cluster from Australia
Mvc-503s.jpg (8886 byte) Mvc-504s.jpg (6758 byte)
Kunzite with tourmaline from pakistan Japan twin from Peru'