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The 2004 Tucson show has arrived!

From the ice to the sun.This is the changing landscape that an European rock fan will see when moving westward to the biggest mineral event of the world.

When we arrived in Tucson on thursday morning we rushed to check what was happening in the main mineral hotels of the show,Executive Inn and InnSuites,where we expected to see the latest news and to meet most of the dealers.In effect the hotels were full but not really crowded of visitors and we were confirmed that also this year the show had been so far slow in comparison with gold years (But this year is the gold one,isn't it ?)

Anyway for people looking for minerals this is still the place,but it always hard to find an acceptable price / quality balance.It takes time and sometimes a very tought discussion with the counterpart,we had to display our best elements in this.Nevertheless the price increase doesn't seem to stop making our hobby/business difficult.

Let' go to minerals.

From China the novelty has been Chalcotrichite,the needle variety of Cuprite present in many rooms,mostly small cabinet and miniature at an acceptable price and a new find of octahedral Fluorite etched from matrix to give a nice blue shade under the usual green.Very soon it has been sold out Also orange Mimetite was large in stock at a lower price than in the past,and very good Cassiterites,Aragonite and Azurite.Not many sulphides as seen at European shows.

From Africa Very good Azurite from Morocco and Silver from Imiter,but the most interesting things from South Africa,Manganese mines and old Tsumeb.

Some old collections were displayed,with fantastic Cerussites,Smithsonites ,Cuprites,Azurites,Dioptase at the executive Inn and new finds of Poldevartite,Ettringite,Inesite.The problem is price,very hard to make a good deal on these,but we were able to get some specimens that will be presented soon.Furthermore at Top Gem a large batch of Okaruso Fluorite of very good quality.


From India comes one the new  findings presented here:Powellite the Ca Molibdate which is quite rare and shows perfect crystal form and a variety of colours from pale cream to green bluish in association with natrolite and calcite.Expensive stuff but very interesting.Another nice material found is pink Scolecite associated to green apophillite.Also we noted Mordenite on green Apophillite and many other beautiful zeolites  presented in many rooms,particularly Raj minerals andIndian Stones.

From Usa,Canada and Europe not many news,again interesting Asbestos Vesuvianites and Serandite and old times Panasquiera Apatites from Geofil at the Executive Inn.Very little presence of Alpine type minerals.

Nice and unusual a new discovery from Florida: Calcite replacing clams from Florida

From Mexico in the Ernesto Ossola room there was an interesting selection of Silver and Silver minerals from old findings and at Top Gem tent a wide selection of  Calcite,Hemimorphite,Mimetite,Wulfenite,Creedite,Danburite of acceptable quality.Also in this location Magnetite from Bolivia and many assorted minerals from China.

From Brasil an interesting new find of twinned Monazite and the usual wide selection of Tormalines,Beryls and Topaz

We visited also the new show organized at Westward look resort a good hotel located 10 miles north of Tucson where many top American dealer were showing spectacular pieces at impressive prices.It is impossible to make a list of what was showed,let's say beautiful pieces from all around the world and some pieces were priced up to 100.000 Euro

Just give a look at some pictures

All the other hotels around were showing mostly lower quality minerals,rocks,lapidary materials not talking of those dealing with jewlery and related items and were very crowded when we visited them on saturday and sunday.At Howard Johnson and Pueblo Inn anyway we found good dealers with Mexican,South African , Pakistan and Brasilian stuff . And lot of wholesalers from Madagascar,Brasil


This is  a quick look at the hotel shows.In the second part the last notes from outside and most of all GOLD from the main show.