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This is the big event,organized by the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society,which has reached the 50th edition and to celebrate it, has presented GOLD as main theme.

Like hundreds of mineral enthusiasts on thursday morning we were on line waiting to enter the main show and as soon the doors were open we immediately were captured by the beauty of the gold specimens which were literarly surrounding us.Most of the central cases were filled with large gold pieces,either nuggets or crystallized ones from many parts of the world,but mostly from America and USA.Fantastic was the presentatin of the SHIP OF GOLD,as vessel  who shipwrecked during a trip between California and New York with a huge treasure of coins and ingots from the Gold rush and was discovered after many years and the treasure saved.Yust look at them


Many important museums and institutions presented gold collections.Smithsonian,Huston,Carnegie and others.Private companies were also displaying their best pieces.U.S.A. regional collections of Gold from California,Nevada,New Mexico were shown.



A significant part was dedicated to scientific aspects,like gold veins,crystal forms and also history of research.


And last a look at some of the most impressive pieces.Among them the first is a nugget discovered in 1989 in Sonora desert with a metal detector.This is the  largest gold nugget known in the western hemisphere.



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