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Certainly this year the main show was full of many other interesting displays and presentation.

As usual Top Dealers were showing exceptional specimens,really sometimes very,very expensive.Rhodocrosite from Sweet Home Mine continues to be the best mineral,presented by many dealers,notably Collector Edge.Also Benitoite,Neptunite,Amazonite (now a rare and researched specie),Copper , Silver and Alaskan Epidote were among the best minerals. 


Among the exibitors we have noted the presence of all the most important USA dealers,Canadians,a few Europeans and Chinese,showing all the new minerals,not many indeed,presented this year at the Hotel shows.So we have seen Chinese fluorite,mimetite,good Indian minerals,crocoite,Russian Dal'negorsk stuff,Pak-Afghanistan and so on.



Many central cases presented exibitions of minerals from California,Arizona,Florida



A fantastic large case with a selection of Keith Proctor collection.

And last, a look at some Italian specimens presented.Sulphur from Sicily,Phosgenite from Sardinia and a excellent display of minerals from Carrara marble quarries


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