01/02/2005: The third day          

We started the third day  with the purpouse to visit some other exibithions , mainly dedicated to gems, beads fossils but also minerals.

Ramada Limited : In a new location  the show is mainly dedicated to fossils even if there were some tents with minerals  and some rooms occupied by chinese people.  We didn't see many visitors in this place, ...but maybe was for the early time!


Here we found  some pieces of intersting flourite on stibnite from Hunan (China), and calcite after gastropod shells from Florida.   Among other thing there were from India good quality zeolites and  also an intersting  stalactitc calcedon.  From Argentina calcedon after aragonite.


AKS Gem Show : later we move to Aks gem show to finish the morning .. The show is spread in two hotes and mainly in La Quinta Inn  there were some rooms with pakistan dealers and Brasilin too.   Here we see some nice  gem pegmatite minerals  such as acquamarine in combination with apatite,  multicolor tourmalines ,  emeralds.  .......

Other than the gem minerals we saw good Herkimer quartz  and giant pegmatite vug pieces from Brasil; always from Brasil different quality of Spessartite garnet (loose and on matrix).   Outside the Hotel a different variety of different offer (from handycraft to gems to beats etc.)

Pueblo Inn, Rapa river gem show : After a little snack ..we move north to these other shows that were mainly for gems handycrafts and so on . But in the pueblo Inn there were some  mineral dealers too and  the most interesting  things we see were some Pedernera tourmalines , Wulfenites , some local Arizona minerals such as azurite and malachite from Morenci , Green Smithsonite from 79 mine. 


About new find  we see very inteersting agatized shells from India.

 As  a final consideration we see more visitors today  in this show than in the previous days in the Minerals hotels...could be  because it's the  first day without cold temperature  ??


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