02/02/2005: The relax day          

Too many minerals in a short time! ...so we decide to take an holiday to relax our mind and our eyes.   In the afternoon we continue our visit to the show with a quick look to gems and jewelery events.

Desert Museum : Just outside the Tucson town there is this didactic and interesting place that is a natural history museum, a botanical garden and a zoo: for this reason we decide to go there today, ...and also because inside there is a fantastic collection of outstanding specimen from different localities from Sonora Desert.  The visit was very exciting with a relaxed walk between Saguaro Cactus, different animals and bird of desert, garden, flowers and specific exhibits (...just a little cold!!).

As we said that inside the museum there is a complete collection of outstanding mineral specimens from Sonora desert take all our attention....   No words about the specimens we sew there!

On the road to came back to Tucson some characteristic countryside of american life....

Gem Mall : a big exbitions only for merchant that we have seen in a very short time; many delars mainly from China but standard quality and not much variety....


Tucson Electric Park Show : In a large space near the highway a show that every year became bigger; in this edition different kind of material (from handycraft , beads and minerals etc.) but nothing of the quality that can interest us



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