03/02/2005: The shopping day          

We came here in Tucson for many reason:, have a sensation on mineral market, see again some friends, ...and also to buy minerals for our web shop!  So if someone thinks that's an holiday he is wrong.....we start working at about 6 a.m and finishing around midnight !
 We dedicated this day maily to this activity and so so we go throught again in the different shows Innsuite,Clarion,Smuggler  checking our list   to buy (...for the better price!) single specimens and small lot of minerals.   Unfortunately some of the pieces we marked in the previous days were sold  but we found new good deals too.

....walking again in the different rooms we notice  also same interesting thing that in the first quick visit we have lost.   For example we see for first time bright red bipiramidal wulfenites from Chile (...that in Europe in impossible find), very big Tantalite crystals from Monzambico , Zircons from Sri Lanka,  and also rare pyramidal wulfenite crystals from Los lamentos.

Among the finest pieces we saw a  'Dragon shape ' native silver ..

About our shopping....you  will see in the next months what we bought

Different moments of  minerals show life .......


Liberty tax Service

Massages  outside the show ..

  Tired dealers

Nostalgic ....collector

 A keystone Room

A friend of ours


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