04/02/2005: The last day          

    The week here in Tucson is finished  for us ... and monday we will return to our real job ! (sigh)   Today  we  spent the morning visiting the show at the Westward Resort  were about thirty top dealears  opened their rooms in a luxory athmosphere  with  the best choice of minerals they have and some really new thinghs that they didn't show   in the other Hotels.   In the afternoon we were back to the Executive inn and Innsuite to spend our last money.

The Westward Resort

At the Westward  among the many  incredible pieces at incredible prices we saw   there were some news   such as lustrous Andorite crystals from Bolivia and   for us that we love Alpine minerals  the  Gobin have many matrix Gwindel from M. Blanc found in 2003 and of expectional quality.... that the majoirity of them were already sold.

Among other pieces   we pint out exeptional Tsumed samples from the Sussman collection, several Legrandite , Gold ., Copper , Acquamarines , tormalines .......ant the  end we left with an headache !

We finished the day ...packing our minerals   for the trip ...tomorrow morning there will be a last chance to find something at the Clarion show ...and then  a long fly back to Italy

Bye From Tucson
Carlo & Giovanni


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