The Trip day          

We left  early  ( )in the mornig  forMilan  to take the fly   to London  where a cloudy sky wait for us .  During the fly  to London  a fantastic panarama of the Italian and Swiss Alps full of snow  remeber us the famous mineral locaties  of  Grimsel , Gottard.

In London we wait for about  3 hours the connection to Phoenix   were we finnally arrive  after more than 10 hour flight and 8000 km. But here our journey is not finished  yet and we  rent  the car and drive directly to Tucson  after 2 hours.

In the late evening after  small dinner and then we go to bed .. for us  in Italy will be 5 a.m   a long  24 hours day.......

Tomorrow will be our first Minerals day starting from the Innsuites Motel....

 Boarding now .......   Also the weather in Phoenix was wet



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