30/01/2005: The first day          

Finally we start to visit this edition of the mineral show: we have a fully plan to visit each different exposition and each day will be a very long day....

Inn Suite : in the past one of the best place for Tucson show and our expectations were not deluded. We spent  most of the day here  to visit all the rooms and to have a first sensation.  We see many intersting pieces  and also some reasonable price ..expecially  for us  with the euros.

Starting from Classic minerals  we point out very nice pieces of Amazonite  and Smoky quartz from Two points mine  Colorado .  Other classic pieces were Wulfenites we saw many  different sizes sample mostly from Mexico and Arizona. Unfortunately we expect to see many Red cloud pieces but only few and some exceptionals from old collection.

Among the gem pieces   in many rooms we see the best selection for quality and colors, we met our two friends and source from Pakistan ..who shows us  a new find of gemmy Kunzite crystals with expetional color and some nice pink Apatite and Morganite from pakistan ... on which we are thinking about.  


About new find  we see very intersting samples of Heulandite on Mordennite from Idaho. The crystal are peach color and very luster.  From India  there were many dealers showing the famous Deccan Zeolites , and some of them have few nice Cavansite partly included in yellow calcite, always from India  very big powelllite crystals.  From Peru a dealer show interesting pieces of Dioptase.  Always from this country  we see some outsatnding pieces of Rhodocrosite and  Proustite from Uchuchacua mine.



For Systematic collectors  we notice new sample of Gaspeite  from Canada a new mineral form Chile: the Lammerite.

Finally we met also some Italian and  American friends  and  we can say that in this show we saw very nice  exibitions and at the end we were very satisfied.


Market Place & Executive Inn   :  In the afternoon we reach this location that in the past edition was were interesting for buying  wholesale and not only. The Executive Inn this year started as a new Show  because the old one was  transferred to the Clarion and Smuggler Inn ..but some of the old exibithors were here in no more than 40 rooms .

In the Market Place  we don't find any of  very interesting ... only some old pieces from a private collection and  good sample of wulfenite, ...and after many tables and tents of rought material,  low quality Indian minerals   and commercial stuff from Brasil and Madagascar.

In the Executive Inn   there were  some few rooms with good pieces  such as minerals from Congo ,  Pakistan Brookites and  calcites in fossils shells from Florida  plus rhodocrosite in fossil from Ukraina



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