31/01/2005: The Second day          

...after some big Margaritas and a long sleep we start the second day of the visit to the show: the weather is sunny and attractive!!  . The organizer,  has established new shows at the Smuggler's Inn, Ramada Inn and Clarion Inn

Clarion Inn Hotel  : a little outside the centre of the city but with many big dealer (Sunnywood, Fabre, Karp, Menez ,etc.) and very interesting specimens.


In this Show to underline same big dealers with outsatnding amd interesting specimens:  such as heliodor from Ukraina , Cerussite from broken hill, the famous rhodocrosites from Sweet home mine and showy silver and copper specimens.

Among new finding in this hotel is possible see very interesting Topaz from Yunnan (China) that is difficult to distinguish from the same other ones from Pakistan; showy Scolecite from Deccam area (India) in fantastic white balls on matrix with a diameter of about 15 cm!!;  always from India same top quality brown Powellite with gemmy crystals;


From Georgia (USA) very nice Amethyst quartz from Jackson crossroad and interesting specimens of Rutile in associations with Albite and Siderite; in the same room and from the same region nice specimens of big Rutile from Graves Mountains; from Spain a new find of atced Silver from an old mine; other interesting new finding to sign the purple Fluorite (small cubic crystals) included in Quartz crystals from Madagascar. 

Among new mineral finds for sytematic colectors we saw the Khaidarkaite from Russia and microlite  on tantalite from Brazil

Smuggler's Inn Hotel : new Hotel involved in the Minerals Show: in his rooms many interesting specimens in a good logistic space with the only problem that is very far from centre of town, .....so seems that only few visitors come here. Most of exibithors are from China and Russia.


About new find  we see very intersting samples of Scapolite  in gemmy purple crystal from Afghanistan and in the same room some blue corundum always from Afghanistan.  

 From China a lot of good sample but nothing really new except a combination of Calcite and Cinnabar  from Hunan and also orange Scheelite on quartz from Yunnan and some green purple fluorites.   From Russia  few samples of good Millereite in association with  green Sphene and good crystalized copper and silver pieces.  From Kazakstan a good selection  of pink apatites and smoky quartz.

Amomg other intersting thing a room of rare minerals with also a phosphophyllite from  bolivia  and another with very good tourmaline from California mines


Fine Minerals International  : To finish the day we  reach this exibition that opened  only today due to delay in specimens shipment

As usually here there is an offer of hightly selected  specimens with a price range from 1000$  and over 100.000$

Here are some pictures that  no need comments



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