Tucson 2005

Final Comment 


Here some our final consideration on this edition of Tucson Mineral Show:

Logistic: This year the new venues of the shows require  added driving times due to increased distance . The old Executive Inn show,  is under  a new management with a competing show. The new shows  were based at the Smuggler's Inn, Ramada Inn and Clarion Inn  ence one have to drive  a lot and to waste time that othervise will be dedicated to minerals. Other than those mineral shows there are  all the established other that  are dedicated mainly to gems beads and Rought spread all over the town in tents or hotels: Tucson electric park , AKS, GJX , Intergem....

Pubblic:  In this edition we have the sensation to see many visitors  ( old & young collectors , dealers ..)  but expecially in the classic venues such as Innsuites  other than  the specific wholesale shows for dealers. The new Venue of Clarion and Smuggler , maybe for the distance  or because new,  were almost  empty

Minerals Quality : The quality of the minerals we saw was in general good and hight, of course the most interesting things were at Innsuite and Clarion Hotel without forgot the exhibition at the Westward even if for the prices it remains only an exhibition for the majority . We can say that there were good specimen from classic locality, but more single specimens then large availability, in fact only few rooms present large quantity from a single locality (same of them were at the Innsuite & Smuggler).   Many minerals from Pakistan, only a few new finding, but often good quality; from China, instead, many dealers but standard quality.  After this many minerals, as usual, from Morocco (..low quality), South America, Madagascar and India (good Powellite and, as usual, other showy specimens).

News: In this edition only a few of new finding, but some of them very interesting; here a short resume:



Amethyst Quartz from Jackson Crossroad
Rutile with Albite and Siderite
Heulandite on Mordenite


Microlite on Tantalite










Acquamarina (with
green  inclusion)
Apatite (pink phantom inside)


Globular violet  fluorite on Antimonite
Association between cinabbar and yellow Calcite
Topaz from Yunnan
Scheelite on Quartz


Scolecite balls from Deccam
Cavansite in Yellow Calcite
Brown big Powellite
stalactitc calcedon


Gemmy Scapolite
Blue Corundum





Association Millerite and green Sphene
Native Silver and Copper


Rodochrosite in fossil



Fluorite in Quartz


Other:   ……in our visit to the show we had always a very sunny weather (…and this is a good thing) but we had also very cold much more than we expected (…and this is a little less good!); we eat the usual American breakfast in first, …but in a very short time we understood that we can’t eat so much in the morning!!!   Lunch was always a quick and unusual thing …and the only moment in which we live completely the Tucson life was in the dinner with nice visit to fine restaurants in Tucson, where we understood that margarita drinks is more easy than wine and we appreciate this… 



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