This is our third year  visit as Webminerals s.a.s to the most famous of the minerals show.  We change our plans  and we are here for the first week of the show , we will miss the Main Show  .....but  we hope  that our effort  in doing a report on all the other shows will serve to entertain   you and  encourage your own trip.

29 jan .  We left  early in the mornig  from Milan  to London ..........  more


30 jan .  Finally we start to visit this edition of the mineral show: we have a fully ..........  more

31 jan .  ...after some big Margaritas and a long sleep we start the second day of the visit to the show: the weather is sunny and attractive!!  ..........  more

01 feb .  We started the third day  with the purpouse to visit some other exibithions , mainly dedicated to gems ....  more

02 feb .  Too many minerals in a short time! we decide to take an holiday to relax our mind and our eyes.  more

03 feb .  We came here in Tucson for many reason:, have a sensation on mineral market, see again some friends, ...and also to buy minerals for our web shop! more


04 feb . THE LAST DAY   The week here in Tucson is finished  for us ... and monday we will return to our real job !  more

2005 Tucson Photo Album ....     and    Final  Comment


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