Together with Inn Suites it is the most intesting hotel show it has a bunch of top dealers from around the world, quite a bit complcate to walk through, so many corridors that one could get lost.....

One of the most interesting rooms is the Vera Cruz, Mexico old-new Ametyst Quartz finding, where it is possible to find a piece almost for every pocket, coming from a huge pocket 15 meters deep.Beutiful colour and damage free crystals. More ametyst in the Georgia room, same qaulity and perhaps more variety of the ones seen in the Smuggler room. Not a new find but very very attractive and much seeked by the American collectors. 

From Maroc we haven't seen super new ieces, but we point out the new grenn fluorites, mostly isolated crystals on matrix from El Hamman, niceand aestethic micro vanadinites on deep black goethite matrix, Axinites from Haut Atlas Mountains and Achantite from Imiter, large isolated crystals.

Many rooms with Indian minerals and we have seen a great number of  Powellite pieces, some of them really exceptional with several perfect crystals up to 4-5 cm., then more globular fluorites very large and of green, yellow, red colour, then some Aphophilite pieces of very large dimension, Babingtonite and Epistilbite of very good size.

Then we found a beautiful room of Russian minerals, 95% from Dal'negorsk, super pieces of transparent fluorite, new red quartz, Ilvaite, top quality but unfotunately repaired, and a new find of grossularite garnets, more green datolite, pink calcite.

From Brasil new interesting Microlite on quartz matrix, then a lot of green apatite on white matrix, large titanite and a new finding of  Hydroxy herderite on matix. Prices of Brasil specimens is always remaining very high..

     For sytematic ' wealthy ' collectors crystallized sylvanite from Fiji island. Very unusual location.

Another interesting room was filled with Realgar from Baia Sprie - Roumania, and Barite from Perou. Then red Barite with Realgar inclusions, a nice new find of  Cyanotrichite from Arizona, and very beautiful Babingtonite from China. Also a good exibit of gold from California. 

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