Executive Inn Hotel
Top Gem

Three shows are hald very close each other just across the road. The largest and mst interesting is the motel show at the Executive Inn, which was the second major Tucson exibit until wo years ago when the Clarion Hotel show was started.Now in this hotel there is a good level of exibits, but many rooms are filled with beads or exoteric stuff, not much appealing for mineral collectors.

From Maroc huge amount of fossils and commercial minerals, to point out some rare minerals like Karibibite and Scorodite from Oumil mine.

From India a very nice finding of pink stalactites covered by Stilbite and green Apophillite, a room filled with cubic green Apo, the new Thomsonite with colour varying fom White to creamy yellow, and finally a large selection of Powellite.

Dealers from China presented a large amount of general minerals, but we saw some very good gemmy Cassiterite mostly on matrix and black Babigtonite associated with green prehnite.

Another unusual mineral is Phenakite on matrix in good transparent crystals up to 1 cm. on matrix from  Khel Chal in Myanmar; from Alaska a large choice of the rare Barrierite, from Afghanistan many good pieces of pink Morganite  and a room filled with with Florida fossil shells replaced by crystallized calcite. In the tents outside the only remarkable exibtion to point out is the selection of Wulfenite from Arizona and Mexico, while the Top Gem show,which is a good source of commercial material, this year didn't present any great new mineral.

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