Since we started to attend Tucson mineral Show, Inn Suites Hotel has always been a very good starting point to have a feeling on what is going on durning the show.In this Hotel, relaxing and very well organized, it is possible to find field collectors, medium sized  and some of the most important top dealers . The visit requires a full day and at the and it is possible to have a somewhat complete idea of what is going on.

First of all we have noted a new finding of Realgar from Roumania (Baia Sprie) , of a deep red colour, with crystals up to 2 cm.An interesting suite of pieces from a classical European locality. Then from Russia a very nice lot of Bright orange Orpiment on matrix.

Another new find is Green Sphalerite from  Commodore Mine, Colorado, very interesting for the asssociation with Galena and Ametyst Quartz, very expensive indeed. From Usa more Polychrome Tourmalines from  Mt. Mica Mine,  Maine. The lot presented in Tucson was mostly on matrix, but also nice isolated gemmy crystals have been found, up to 3 cm.  From Colorado a new finding of  Hematite spry with dark crystals till 4 cm.  From  Canada interesting Phosphates and other minerals.

From  Pakistan some very nice rooms with some new minerals: excellent sheelites associated with quartz, very brillinat and well crystallized, Chondrodites up to 1 cm.associate dwith quartz, Titanites of tranparent brown colour and some new apatites some with bark colour due to tourmaline inclusions. Furthermore bautiful acqumarines, fluorites (pink and green), Herderites and Bastnaesites.

Dall'India notevoli campioni di Thomsoniti di colore da bianco a giallo ocra, nuove associazioni di apofillite trasparente su stilbite di arancione intenso, alcuni nuovi campioni di apofillite verde raggiata cubica su stilbite bianca (da Momin Akhada - Ahmad Nagar), infine estetici pezzi di stalattiti rosa ricoperti da apofillite bianca e stilbite.

From South America new Pink Apatites from La Marina, Colombia, similar to the well known from Pakistan, from  Brasil  new Goshenites of gigantic size on muscovite (Conselheiro - Minas Gerais), than nice Apatite of blue colour and Kunzites of very large size and deep violet colour.

Naturally Gold is very much present expecially from Australia and America in nugget of  weigth up to 1 Kg. and on matrix  .

Many specimens from old collections with beautiful Franklin suites, to mention a giant Rodonite and a serie of specimens from Martin Zinn Arizona collection, some of them pictured in the Arizona Mineral Guide vol.1 .

Among the several beautiful pieces we have liked extrordinary Copper from Michigan and other classical like Wulfenite. Very few new Amazonites ( a classical from Tucson, with prices very, very hight.

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