Smuggler's Inn Hotel

This hotel is hosted in a quite far area of the city of  Tucson,but is remarkably  pleasant and nice, with water pools and tall pam trees inside. A relaxing  visit but exibitors complain for the distance and thr limited number of visitors. Anyway this is the second and last edition of the Martin Zinn show here, because the property has changed and  it will be moved to another hotel much closert to the other shows.

Most of the exibitors here are from China, Pakistan and Russia, then some Americans and a large area dedicated to mineral wholesale.

We have noted a room with beautiful Ametyst Quartz from Georgia.This finding is remarkable and absolutely a top for USA quartz.Crstals are loose or aggrgates of gemmy quality up to 15- 20 cm. Mineralogical record has reported already it. Graves Mounatin rutile also was on sale from this exibitor.

FRom Pakistan Epidote dark green radiated crystals on white matrix from Belucistan, then Axinite and Adularia, typical alpine minerals (guess why...).

From China a very large offer from old and new localities someimes very interesting, some times quite boring.Among the others we have noted a remarkable quantity of Azurrite specimens with deep blue crystals up to 2 cm., many silver wires, a beautiful bunch of ed calcite, Realgar from Shimen, a new association with green Pyromorphite and yellow Cerussite, same interesting specimens of Aquamarine from Yunnan ( of these very big), some Helvites and even a gold specimen ( Dougbei region).

From Russia no many relevant news, but good stuff from classic localities; there was only same  single interesting room filled with Dal'negorsk minerals, fluorine, galena, sphalerite,but sadly no more Red Quartz.   Interesting  the brown gemmy barite normally in single crystal.  Always interesting same nice Bornite specimens and same unusual association.

We point out in these rooms Rheniite from Iceland some stannite from Bolivia and an exceptional specimen of  pentagonite and very good Ametyst Quartz from Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Finally a room filled with wholesale boxes at eystone prices, pieces from old collection. an hard job to go throught all of  them.

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