La Quinta Hotel
Howard Johnson Inn Hotel
River Park Inn Hotel
Days Inn Hotel

These four hotelare located in seuqence along the I 10 interstate and host an very large variety of exibitors, growing each year.Very few rooms are totally devoted to mineral, most are stones, fossils,  carvings, beads, gems, artycrafts, metaphisical world,  jewelry. A real wonder  of  mineral world in the largest sense. In the open areas huge exibitions of quartz,  raw stones, a big wholesale place. 

We make few notes of the exibits, just pointing what we think could be of interest for a mineral collector. For example we found very good examples of quartz in different shapes and colour. Red quartz from India, scepter Amethyst Quartz always from India, perfectly big tranparent Quartz  from Ladack, Green from India and Brasil, Herkimer diamonds from New York state

Quite a lot of Pakistan exibitors with the usual large quantity of Acquamarines and Tourmalines, and super Brookites, large single Xenotime, again red Spessartine Garnets on Orthose.

Fom classical  N'chawing mine, South Africa, we have seen unusual hematite prismatic crystals, Poldevaartite, Ettringite, Erongo Acquamarine. From Congo large Carrolite crystals.  From India Pentagonite, Episilbite. From Peru' a new finding of Gold on matrix from Lily mine 

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