The Trip day          


Here we are to our participation to this 2007  Edition of the Tucson mineral show.

We left  early  ( )in the mornig  to the Linate airport in Milan  to take the flight   to London  where a nice sun waits us: a good start!!!.  During the flight  to London  a fantastic panarama of the Alps full of snow. We remeber our mineralogical trips to the alps and the  famous mineral locaties  of  Grimsel , Gottard.

In London we wait for about  3 hours the connection to Phoenix , where we finally arrive  after more than 10 hrs of flight and 8000 km.

In the last part of the flight we had the occasion of a fantastic view of the monument valley, painted desert and the Grand Canyon: really impressive !!!!!

In Phoenix we  rented  a car and arrived to Tucson  after 2 hours.

It is 5 o'clock in the morning in Italy and we are relatively tired: 24 hours without sleeping.... but we decide to have the firts two margaritas of the week and a light Mexican dinner....

In the restaurant there is a band with live music : nice drinkin, nice eating and good music: the best way to start the visit!!!!

Tomorrow will be our first Minerals day starting from the Innsuites Motel....



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