The Show          


We started our first day here in Tucson  ..hunting for minerals specimens, and as a tradition of every year we begin our visit from Innsuite hotel show which is grown again   and can be considered the hearth of the Tucson show

We didn't manage to visit all the rooms  which occupy almost all the first and second floor of the hotel in this first day... any way we have seen most of it and we plan to  return in the next days

Let's start with our  impression about what's new as minerals finds....   nice Rhodonite from San Martin mine  Peru' in bladed crystals with vivid red pink color, another find of rhodonite is from Brasil in nice red crystal till 4 cm mostly loose and with quartz. From Brasil  aaain we point out an interesting association of Phosphates : Huréaulite with Rockbridgeite and Reddingite in very well defined bright crystals,  and having an exceptional color. Always from Brasil a find of exceptional Kunzite crystals from Urucum mine in loose crystals of gem cut quality

From Australia some exceptional gold and nuggets but also very interesting calaverite samples from Paringa mine and intersting sylvanites from Fiji Islands

Among other news we noticed  some new flourites of very nice green trasparent color over galena and spahlerite from Naica, Mexico  and some purple ones from San Martin mine near Zacatecas. Also from this area several good pyrargirite and achantite in thubnail and miniature sizes.

Fluorite from Naica Fluorite from  Peru'

From China we didn't see many new things, even if  there were few chinese dealers in Innsuite : we saw some calcite frosted with pyrite , green andradite resembling the old ones from pakistan and some red wulfenites

From USA we saw a selection of a new find of ferroaxinite in crystals till 2 cm is association with quartz from Nevada

As we said we spent the whole day here scanning most of the rooms where   selected pieces from classic localities were offered  mostly coming out from old collections that are being spread on the market. Here we saw  some nice pieces of wulfenites , coppers , Baryte from Dakota , benitoites ..and much more   finally also nice italian classic that we swap out

nice kelly mine smithsonite and pink quartz san pedro corallitos mimetite


It was also a pleasure for us to meet some american friends  and to share experiences .........but the day is over and it's time to do plans for next days..



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