The Show          


It is the second day of visit: yesterday we basically finished the visit to the Inn Suite, that this year has grown in terms of quantity of exhibitors and quality of minerals display.

We start the day with a visit to the Market place: it is early in the morning and most of the stands are still closed . Only few people and visitors are present. Among them we have met our friends Athos Locatelli of  Minservice, Respino of Minernet and Giuseppe Baldizzone: they are visiting the show since wednesday the 24th and told us about the opening of the Top Gem show, with the usual "assault" to the show: a long queue and later a race to get the best specimens at the best price, a continuous reasearch of the bargain, . They told us also of a major find of Amethyst at Vera Cruz: a vug of more than 15 meters of material with hundreds of flats in wholesale....

After the visit to Matket place, we wen to to the Executive Inn: presently most of the most important dealers moved to the Inn Suite and in the Executive there is a lot of dealer from China, Morocco, India ,East Europe, with the classic material from these areas. We have to highlight as new interesting finds some Parisites in centimetric brown crystals over white calcite, sometimes in association with Emeralds from Colombia, High quality Emeralds and exceptional euclase crystals over calcite of blue gem color. In another room we found some interesting Amethyst from Madagascar of intense color over a matrix of white trasparent quartz crystals: very aesthetic assocciation.

From the Executive inn we passed to the Top Gem area: here some of the major dealers have organized a whole sale area with thousands of flat of cheap material in keystone. Top Gem had some material, but no one of the famous hundreds of flats of Vera Cruz amethyst has left....  Collectors Edge has a very large selection of quality Chinese material: fluorites and other material from the classic localities..... What has been incredible for us was the fact that most of the buyers we have seen there were chinese dealers, this is a proof of the quality of the specimens sold. Red minerals had a small but interesting selection of copper and silver from the Michigan area; finally we have found some intersting gold flats from the Nevada find of last year: a crystallized gold in rhyolitic matrix of a characteristic light yellow color due to the high percentage of silver in it.

In Clarion Hotel we have seen a lot of dealers from China, Morocco, Brazil, India. Some ( very few ) interesting wulfenites in red color from China,  showy aggregates of 15 -20 centimeters of Aquamarine of a very intense color and some deep orange Scheelites.

From India we have seen some intense deep purple Amethyst .


At the end of the day we came back to the Inn Suite, where we visited again the room of John Siebel that had some very nice Axinites from California associated with quartz in a parageneisis very similar to the classic alpine axinites and some exceptional Chalcophyllites in large crystals of light blue intense color.

John spent some time to tell us the storyof this new find, that has been found due to the collapse of the roof of the main stope.


This evening also we had the pleasure to stay with some friends of us: we went for some classic south western food to Cork restaurant, togheter with Mr and Mrs Casazza and Nicita, well known italian collectors and dealers.


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