The Show          


Here we are at the third day of our Tucson show visit....

Today it is a rainy day, a little bit chilly.

We decided to start the visit from Ramada, where a large selection of fossils and some minerals are present.


From Ramada we moved along the 10 highway to visit the series of expositions that are in the hotels along this highway.

It is a very particular atmosphere: all the expositions are one attached to the other and in the areas inside and between the hotels there is a lot of tents that are selling everything: mainly roughs, slabs, lapidaries.

Incredible to say, in this area we have found a very interesting stand selling high quality gold specimens from Nevada and Emeralds from Colombia.

The gold specimens are very particular: crystallized gold in leaves pierced over perfect white quartz crystals : really a very aesthetic association. The exhibitor explained us that he is the owner of the mine and that this find has been done few months ago from a small pocket close to the surface. The specimens are very nice due to the association of crystallized gold and perfect crystallized quartz.

From this area we moved to the Quality Inn. Here most of the dealers were from China, Brazil, India, Pakistan , Russia,  the main source areas of minerals nowadays.

The displays were generally good with a lot of good material, but no many mineralogical new.

Among them we have seen some interesting new chinese Amethyst from Guanxi province. From India some very showy dark green Apophyllites in a very aesthetic chromatic contrast with the white scolecite.

From Brazil we would like to highlight a new find of Brazilianite of gem quality in extremely aesthetic specimens. Also in this case the find is of this year and the dealer told us that the poket gave only few specimens of this quality. One side of the pocket contained a large ( about 60 cm ) quartz crystal fully covered by gemmy Brazilianite....

From Brazil we have also to highlight some very high quality Microlite in avery aesthetic association with albite and sometimes in very few specimens with quartz, and some perfect deep red to deep green Huvites aestetically associated to white magnesite.

 To finish the day a dinner in a classic very good Mexical resturant.....  

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