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After a morning visit to the Inn suite we went to Executive Inn....we started a quick visit  and our first impression is that there were less dealers than in the last years  with  some rooms empty . We noticed many east europe and chinese dealers......and all of them have almost the same kind of material. From Russia no new remarkable findings, from China the usual very aesthetic minerals with new Mimetite specimens.

Here our first trip note   that will be completed in the next days

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A view of the many chinese specimens offered. Among  the new finding from this country  we would like to highlight  very nice yellow orange  mimetites . Among the others we saw remarkable Stibnite , Amethysts  in association with japanese twin quartz and blue hemimorphyte


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Among USA specimens, some old classic pieces, like blue Smithsonite from Kelly mine, typical coppers from Michigan, very nice wulfenites, Pala tourmalines.


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From South America, some exceptional Native Silver with Rhodo. Among the many Morocco specimens, very few anglesites from the now cloed mine of Toussit: most probably the best in the world.


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