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In the second day of visit we have seen different expositions in contiguous motels  of the city. Here we found minerals from different parts of the world, mainly gem minerals, but also a lot of handycrafts and metaphysical stands.... 

Here a brief description of the main places we have visited and our impressions....



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In this show some more visitors, different kind of dealers with minerals, gems, beads and handycrafts.   To point out many Pakistan (..with exceptional specimens) and Brasilian dealer.


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In the garden many characteristic exposition with many different kind of material ...and visitors.


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From Colombia, Muzo, these fantastic Emerals specimens, very sharp in color over the white calcite matrix.... .


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Very nice specimens from Erongo, among the others these aquamarines in association with shorl....


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From Pakistan and Afghanistan a very fine selection of gem minerals and others... Some exceptional pink fluorites, also in association with aquamarine...5000Euro for both


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A prefectly terminated Elbaite from pakistan, 10 cm long Classical Aquamarine from Pakistan, very intense in color


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...from Brasil a dealer with very good specimens of Brazilianite; ...but we are still looking for the other minerals from this country


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Tanzanites of very high quality from Tanzania, deep blue in color A couple of dealers with a very nice gem quality of Heliodores from Tajikistan.


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