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After more or less 24 hours of travel    we arrived here from Italy .....We started our visit   from the Innsuite Hotel   where some of the big dealers are settled up . Our first impression  also speaking with some of them is   that there are not many visitors and not many new find in the mineral world.

Here our first trip note   that will grow in the next days

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Incredible specimens of stalactitic azzurite (15-20 cm long ) and malachite from Morenci (Az) We saw many specimens from a recent find of Wulfenite in Red Cloud Mine.   This crystal is more than 3 cm!!


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..among the old classic minerals some important specimens of  Rhodocrosite from manganese fields of South Africa Many nice chinese specimens, ...among them to be highlited Inesite and  Hubeite ( ...recently  approved as new mineral )


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Another classic U.S.A. mineral: Red Beryl, that we saw in relative few specimens of good quality ...Where is the Colorado Amazonite? We found only this nice piece


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Among the many specimens from Australia ( many crocoite, Broken Hill specimens and Opals  ) we point out this exceptional Opalized fossil wood ....many nice wulfenite specimens from Mexico, Arizona and other worldwide localities


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New find from Tunisia: Celestine on Aragonite Among the South America specimens point out Amethyst from Bolivia with affordable prices


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Nice Indicolite from Afghanistan ...only a few european alpine mineral in the show; here a very important specimen of pink fluorite from Argentiere in Kevin Dixon Alpine Mineral Company Room


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nice loose gem Corindone crystals from Sri Lanka The classic Rhodocrosite from Sweet Home Mine; ...always nice specimen and always high priced.



Near the Inn suite there is the Fine Minerals International show ....the people who are working the Pederneira  tourmaline mine in Brasil !

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For the quartz lovers, here a rose quartz completely crystallized from Brazil Red quartz from Dalgernorsk: 40 cm of diameter


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Some exceptional specimens of the classical tourmalines from Pedernera mine, exposed by Fine minerals int. : 30- 40 cm long !!! Exceptional elbaite, 30 cm long, veru intense in color from Pedernera mine



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Another tourmaline, very nice It is incredible the elgance and the beauty of the tourmalines coming out from this mine.



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The queen of the show: an incredible aggregate of Tourmaline of more than 60 cm of lenght!!!! Absolutely unique


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