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Here we are , for the first day at the Main Show , the last which close the three mineralogical weeks in Tucson. This year the 49th edition featurers 'Minerals form the Andes' The show had a number of dealers offering specimens from those lands.

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an incredible 10000Euro proustite from Chile Many rhodocrosites were showed by several dealers , here is an example of the quality offered from Peru' mines


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The classic Colorado minerals   were presented in perfect specimens  but  few


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Some nice specimen of  Bastnaesite in the show, ..some og them with very big and gemmy crystal ....a recent mineral Afghanite was presented in several pieces


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Mimetite from China: the very new minerals of this show.    Very nice orange and bright crystals An important specimen of Inesite on quartz from China


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Very nice rubellites from Burma Another peruvian rhodocrosite  with atacamite included in gypsum and elbaite


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The best chinese amethyst that we saw in very few samples ...the way the majority of dealers presented the average samples



Thematic Exposition

The theme was Minerals from the Andes that were presented by private collectors and museums. There were also many other cases full of hundreds of several specimens.

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A view of the cases One of the Andinean collection


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A Traversella Amethyst !!! for some of us was the first time to see it A silver and rhodocrosite from Peru'



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A crystalized gold from California It is incredible the elgance and the beauty of this emerald from Columbia



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A Scepter Amethyst from Washington state A jeremejevite gemstone from Namibia


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A general view of the some collection exibited


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The 2002 find at the Crio Gene mine California An incredible pink fluorite from Peru'


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