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Here we are with a new report from tucson: here the mecca of stock buyers with the show of Marketplace and Top Gem Show.

Here a brief description of the main places we have visited and our impressions....



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In the Marketplace many stock dealers with worldwide materials; in some stand very good materials, ...but few visitors


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From India, we found many dealer with classic material of good quality.... some remarkable scolecites, green apophyllites,cavansites , fluorites,etc. 


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...very good specimen of Wulfenite from Glove Mine, from a recent new finding We saw many specimens from  recent finds of Wulfenite in Defiance mine!


Top Gem Show

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At thr Top Gem Show many wholesale of different material; to sign the stand of Tyson Minerals with interesting minerals; other minerals in this show: Australian Gypsum,


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An incredible piece of grren apatites from Canada, more than 60 cm of lenght


Other Exposition...

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From Brasil good quartz: big Amethyst, smoky and more; ...but where are the other dealers with the other minerals from this country?


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