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...three italian boys in Tucson Mineral Show. Starting Point!!

with the partecipation of :



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First problem: how to open a suitcase with a teethbrush ( ...after locking it with an unknown combination)

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Just a Margarita  moment...,
take care this isn't the only!!!

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A little too big for your collection Bepi? ...or only a little too heavy???

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Are you looking for a specimen of australian gypsum for your collection, Giovanni?

What colour do you prefer?

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What are you saying?

That you  prefer this???

Maybe it's a little to fragile!!

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...in Tucson is raining, ..in seven days the water of one year.  We know why!!

Ask to Bepi.

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Another Margarita moment!!

It look that they like it, isn't it?

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What's happen Carlo: ...maybe tired?

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Postcard from Tucson  tcs_327.JPG (14646 byte)
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Many thanks to all our friends that we met in Tiucson, ...see you the next year, ...or in Italy when you want!!!

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Hurry up, Bepi. There is  no more time to sleep, ..and never to be hill!!

Minerals are waiting ..

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Some problem due to the presence of  Bepi in the desert.... tcs_321.JPG (18557 byte)


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postcard around Tucson tcs_339.JPG (13680 byte)
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The last Margherita moment....

See you next year.

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