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In this page we try to give you a list of the minerals we have found during our visit and that will be exposed in the next updates very soon...... enjoy them !!!!

In case you might be interested in some more information about them, don' t hesitate to contact us.

Here follow

Rhodocrosite from Sweet Home Mine and other classic localities, ..how to resist!!  
Mimetite from China, ...one of the most important news in this edition of the mineral show  
Mixed minerals from China, ...among them gemmy scheelite specimens, amethyst, fluorite, ecc.  
Okaruso Fluorite, ...always attractive mineral  
Blue Fluorite from New Mexico, ...very nice fluorite from USA tcs2003_018.JPG (15770 byte)
Cubic Green Apophillite from India, ...very nice and showy specimens  
Globular yellow fluorite from India tcs2003_113.JPG (14009 byte)
Topaz from Pakistan, ...nice perfect and bright specimens DSCN0167.JPG (17192 byte)
Corindone from Madagascar in well developed and bright crystals DSCN0166.JPG (20302 byte)
Amazonite from Madagascar, ...an unusual locality for this minerals  
Orpimento from .... in perfect and bright crystals DSCN0178.JPG (21181 byte)
Antimonite from China: well developed big crystals  
Epidote from Alaska, ...another classic specimen that is difficult to find in Europe DSCN0287.JPG (22184 byte)
Rutil from Azerbaijan, ...nice, bright and perfect specimens  
Herkimer from New Jersey  
Atacamite from Chile, ...something else from Ande  
Hubnerite from Peru and other mixed minerals from this country  
Mixed Tourmaline from different localities in the world: California, Brasil, Burma, ....  


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