Vizze Valley Mineralogical localities

The Vizze Valley is located in North east of Italy  near to the Austria Boundaries and it's quite known among Italian collectors for the nice alpine fissure minerals that could  were found there.

During my severals years of holidays spent there I want to show a sort of Photo Album of the classical localities of this Valley just to give you a sensation of these fine places even if it's very diffucult to find nice pieces nowadays.

haupental_01.jpg (19571 byte) haupental_03.jpg (18343 byte)
A view of the Valley  from the Passo Vizze. The left side is the most rich for minerals. A panoramic view of the Passo Vizze . This is a starting point for many mineralical trip. Note the small lakes , in the '70 many fine piece were collected just around them



rif_granpilastro_05.jpg (19186 byte) haupental_10.jpg (19471 byte)

The Croda Bianca  with the Stampfkees glacier .
In this area were discovered nice smoky quartz, Flourites
and apatites.

Another view of  the Stampfkees glacier with the Croda Bianca
and on the right the Schrammacher. These place are in Austria
but easy reachable from Passo Vizze. I can point ount nice Pink
apatites as well as green flourite and more rare minerals such as
ghiacciaio_02.jpg (20465 byte) MVC-039F.jpg (26655 byte)
A view of the Stampfkees glacier with   Scrammacher
MVC-048F.jpg (30554 byte) MVC-049F.jpg (33680 byte)
Collecting  in a little vug some green Fluorite samples in the Stampfkees area



MVC-050F.jpg (26339 byte)
A view of the left side  from the Passo Vizze. The main mountain is the Gran Pilastro. on the left the Croda rossa. In this area nice piece of Actinolite, Magnetite, Breunerite and dravite were collected as well as quartz, rutile periclino...



haupental_05.jpg (18921 byte) haupental_07.jpg (16792 byte)
A view of the Haupental a place beside the Croda Rossa . The photo on the right show the collecting place that is famous maily for red-brown anatases



rif_granpilastro_01.jpg (18730 byte) rif_granpilastro_03.jpg (19338 byte)
The most famous place of the Valley ' the Gliedergang' ( on the right) and the 'Alpe di sottomonte' Here in the past years very nice vugs were opened with Quartz, Scepters, Pericline Green Titanite , Rutile and so on ..Now collecting in this area is forbidden by the regional law.


burgum_01.jpg (33600 byte) burgum_02.jpg (30332 byte)
Another famous place of the valley : 'Alpe Borgone' known also as ' Picco della Croce' . The localities is very famous for the zircons found in vugs in association with garnets and diopside inside teh serpentine matrix. The color of these crystals vary from trasparent to pink, red, yellow , brown.....if you are lucky something is still possible to find  look on the right how many bounders are waiting   just only after 3 hours walk!!

By Giovanni