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2011 edition.....

Also the 2011 edition of the Saint Marie Mineral Show is finished: this year good weather from friday (...before it was a little claudy with big storm), in the dealers exposition a lot interesting material and many entusiast collectors were present (....mainly from friday, but many collectors were present from monday!!!).    


In evidence in this edition.....

In the following section a short description of the main interesting thing in this show:

From France same outstanding Ankerite specimens in showy association with ialine Quartz and bright Pyrite; always from France usual but unique blue Fluorite from Le Bourg; to sign also new specimens of Fluorite and Pyromorphite from Averyon

Not many new thing from Alps ....in the photo an outstanding pink red Fluorite from Chamonix (....finding of same years ago)

Interesting Feldspar after Leucite from Chzech Repubblic...

...always showy specimens from Madam (Bulgary)

In the show many old classic european specimens (....coming from old collection that are looking for new home!)

Always outstanding the Manganite from Ilfield

From a recent find new lustrous Pyrolusite from Welklasse, Germany in very big and bright crystals



From Morocco the only new thing from Africa: many and very rich variety of Eritryte from Bou Azzer in big and bright crystals and also big cluster of Hedembergite crystals on matrix from Atlas

Nothing else to sign a part big and gemmy Spinel and Ruby from Tanzania and same classic from South africa and Namibia



From China a good variety of specimens (.....even if the quantity and the variety of same years ago it's only a dream): same good sample of globular purple Fluorite with deep colour,  a group of interesting Stannite in big aggregate in association with Arsenopyrite and Quartz; very big and gemmy single Cassiterite crystals, nice orange Orpiment very showy. To finish same icredible specimens of Pyrite with Quartz and unusual big Hedembergite Crystals with complex termination.

From Pakistan and Afghanistan a good variety and quality: big Columbiti, nice purple and gemmy  Scapolite, scepter Amethyst quartz, big Afghanite crystals, a rich quantity and variety of 'Blue Cap' Tourmaline, ...but also gemmy Acquamarine and Topaz.

No news but oustanding in variety and quantity big Cuprite crystals from Russia: some matrix free same in association with copper; from this country no more news with the excetion of new Azurite nodules from Rubtsovskoe.

From Myanmar the usual Rubellite and the outstanding Phenakites



From Mexico same good samples of Nifontovite in big and bright crystals

From Bolivia interesting big Ludlamite crystals

From Perý outstanding bright perfect Alabandite crystals in association with Rhodocrosite (...not new but never with this quality); always from Perý a good selection of bright perfect Pyrite aggregates