2012 edition.....

After a long 'war position' between the two possible locations for the Mineral Show  of Colmar and Saint Marie .in which Saint Marie has been the winner!! and after that the municipality of this small city decides to organize directly the show ...we can say that everything went well and this was,maybe, one of the best Saint Marie of the last years: good mineral quality, a lot of dealer and many visitors in all the days of the show.


In evidence in this edition.....

In the following section a short description of the main interesting thing in this show:

From Spain a lot of Fluorite specimens with very good quality and with a lot of different colour, shape and location From France very nice Pyromorphite from different localities

Always outstanding the blue fluorites from Le Bourg (France)

A very good selection of Azurite from Chessy (France)

A large selection of outstanding Autunite specimens from France

...as usual a lot of classic specimens from Europe



From Morocco a lot of very nice specimens of  Erytrite in bright big crystals

Same outstanding Achantite floating crystals from Morocco

A new find of big semitraspoarent Baryte crystals always from Morocco

From Morocco a new find of Anferdsonite in nice big crystals

From Mozambique a good selection of gemmy tourmaline

From Congo a new find of nice Cerussite crystals in perfect shape and different associations



From Pakistan a new find of very nice Brookite crystals frequently on Faden trasparent quartz

Always from Pakistan a new find of nice bright dark red garnet on a bed of green Epidote

...as usual a lot of other  interesting specimens from Pakistan and Afghanistan: here a gemmy Kunzite crystal on a big complete Pollucite crystal

From China a lot of specimens with high quality: here bright Arsenopyrite on gemmy Siderite from Hinner Mongolia

Always from China outstanding and big  Lollingite crystals from Hinner Mongolia

as usual from China a lot of high quality Fluorite crystals from different locality

Outstanding Helvite crystals in association with Fluorite and Prase Quartz from Hinner Mongolia (China)



From Peru a new find of very nice Epidote crystals in big and perfect crystals

...as usual a lot of classic specimens from classic locality


.....some more impression from the show