Wholesale Section

In this page a list of the specimens that we can offer in stock;  here we propose specimens of a good quality and rapresentative of the locality.   For each kind of minerals we give some general information like the locality, the indication of the size and the indicative cost; the photos of the specimens you can see for each lot is rapresentative of the quality of the material we can send you.   When you make an order you can ask more information if you need, and for each item, if you are looking for better quality we can provide you (..with a little difference on the price). 

Convention about the size:
Thubnail - 1 x 1 cm to 3 x 2 cm
Miniature -  3 x 2 cm to 4 x 4 cm
Small Cabinet -  4 x 4 cm  to 6 x 5 cm
Cabinet: bigger than 6 x 5 cm

QS - Smoky Quartz - Piccolo Monte Bianco, Aosta Valley, Italy

10 pieces (Thubnail, Miniature and Small cabinet) -   130 Euro  (available 2 lots)

 Nice small aggregate or single Smoky Crystals, all with bright colour and good trasparency; colour is from dark to clear smoky

TC - Talc - Trebbia Valley, Emilia, Italy
 10 specimens  (Miniature, Small cabinet, cabinet)   -   140 Euro  (available 2 lots)  

 Globular green Talc in showy configuration.

QA - Quartz - Arbatz mine, Aosta Valley, italy
 5 specimens  (Small cabinet, cabinet)   -   50 Euro  (available 2 lots)  

 Aggregate of trasparent well developed semitrasparent Quartz crystals

BQM - Black Quartz - Monteriggioni, Siena, Tuscany (Italy)
 5 specimens  (Miniature and Small cabinet)   -   60 Euro  (available 2 lots)  

 Dark grey to black quartz in an ocraceous matrix. The quartz crystals have a pseudo octahedric habitus due to the very limited development of the prism faces. Crystal size is from 7-8 mm to a couple of centimeters. Most of the specimens have more than 1 quartz and the quartz crystals can be worked out the matrix to have a better display.

BQR - Black Quartz - Monterosso, Emilia, Italy
 5 specimens  (Miniature and Small cabinet)   -   70 Euro  (available 1 lots)  

 Black perfect islated balck quartz in evidence on white gypsum matrix

GL - Glaucophane - Biella, Piedmont, Italy
 5 specimens  (Miniature and Small cabinet)   -   60 Euro  (available 3 lots)  

Complex aggregate of deep blue Glaucophane in association with bright green Fuchsite

GS - Gismondine - Pian del Foco, Piedmont, Italy
 5 specimens  (Small Cabinet and Cabinet)   -   70 Euro  (available 3 lots)  

Aggregate of small octaedrical semitrasparent  Gismondine crystals on matrix

PY - Cubic Pyrite - Navajún, La Rioja, Spain
 5 specimens  (Small cabinet, Cabinet)   -   120 Euro  (available 2 lots)  

 Nice isolated cubic pyrite crystals in evidence on matrix

OTH - Orthoclase - Baveno Quarry (Italy)
5   (Thubnail and Miniature )  -  50 Euro (available 3 lots)
5  (Small Cabinet)  -   80 Euro  (available 2 lots)

 mixed speciemns from Thubnail to small cabinet of Orthoclase crystals, sometimes in association with quartz  

TZ - Tinzenite - Molinello Mine, Graveglia Valley, Italy
6 specimens   (Miniature and Small cabinet)   -    100 Euro  (available 2 lots)

 mixed speciemns from Miniature to small cabinet with bright orange tinzenite crystals in association with quartz

AB - Albite & Byssolite - Aosta Valley, Italy
5 specimens  ( Small cabinet, Cabinet)   -     60 Euro    ( available 3 lots)

Aggregate of white Albite crystals in association with green fibrous Byssolite

VS - Vesuvianite  - Bellecombe, Aosta Valley, Italy
10 specimens (Thubnail, Miniature)  -    90 Euro  (available 2 lots)

Gemmy small aggregate of dark green semitrasparent Vesuvianite crystals

QP - Prase Quartz  - Serifos Island, Greece
specimens (Thubnail, Miniature) -    90 Euro  (available 1 lots)

Small aggregate of Prase Quartz from Serifos Island: nice elegant specimens


QF - Faden Quartz  - Bregaceto, Liguria, Italy
10 specimens (Thubnail, Miniature) -    140 Euro  (available 1 lots)

Very interesting small faden semitrasparent quartz in nice aggregate

LE - Leucite  - Bolsena Lake, Italy
10 specimens (Thubnail, Miniature. Small cabinet) -    90 Euro  (available 2 lots)

Interesting white Leucite crystals

HS - Hessonite  - Faiallo Mountain, Genova, Italy
10 specimens ( Miniature and Small cabinet) -    130 Euro  (available 2 lots)

Selection of bright red Hessonite crystals with gemmy crystals, sometimes in association with Muscovite or Diopside

FR - Ferrierite MG  - Monastir, Sardinia, Italy
10 specimens (Small cabinet and Cabinet) -    150 Euro  (available 2 lots)

Selection of selected Ferrierite specimens with orange red balls in evidence on matrix, frequently in association with Heulandite

AT - Anatase - Hardangervidda, Hordaland, Norway
5 specimens (Thubnail) -    80 Euro  (available 1 lots)

 Classic bright bleck perfect Anatase crystals from Norway

DP - Dioptase - Mindouli, Congo
10 specimens (Thubnail) -    80 Euro  (available 1 lots)

 Nisce bright green thubnail og Dioptase aggregate from Congo

MV - Mixed from Vesuvio  - Mt. Vesuvio, Smma Mountain Complex, Neapoles, Italy
10 specimens (Thubnail, Miniature and Small cabinet) -    140 Euro  (available 2 lots)

Selection of volcanic minerals from the classic locality of Vesuvio: Vesuvianite, Spinel, Zircon, Cuspidine, Diopside, ecc.; in each lots a good selection of different mineral species and size from this locality


Quartz - Castagnola (PC - Italy): nice cluster of clear cristals of 1-2cm in pieces of 5x5 cm ,7x7 cm
each specimen  7 Euro  -   5 specimens   30 Euro  -  10 specimens     50 Euro

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Aragonite - Coli (PC - Italy): Specimens very showy, in wich small white acicular xx of aragonite cover completly the druse.   The dimensions of the specimens are from 4x4   to 10x10cm 
each specimen  6 Euro  -   5 specimens   25 Euro  -  10 specimens     40 Euro

arcc003.jpg (4640 byte) arcc004.jpg (5435 byte)

Azzurite / Malachite / Rosasite - Zorzone Mine (BG - Italy): nice specimens from Zorzone mine; each specimens is an associations of many minerals: Azzurrite, Malachite, Rosasite, Auricalcite, Cerussite; size from 3x3 cm.
each specimen  6 Euro  -   5 specimens   25 Euro  -  10 specimens     40 Euro

azzc011.jpg (6864 byte) azzc012.jpg (7011 byte) azzc011.jpg (6864 byte)

Ephistilbite / Cabasite / ecc. - Osilo (Sardinia - Italy):   Zeolites specimens from Sardinia: Cabasite, Ephistilbite, Natrolite, Analcime, ecc.; size of this specimens are from 3x3 to 8x8 cm
each specimen  6 Euro  -   5 specimens   25 Euro  -  10 specimens     40 Euro

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For educational scope we purpose you for 40 Euro each these packages:

a) Selection from Brosso Mine (10 specimens)
Szaibelyite , siderite,pirite,
ludwigite,barite,dolomite,magnetite,canavesite, ludwigite

b) Selection from Italian Mine (10 specimens)
ite and from libiola : allophane,calchantite,selenite

d) Selection of minerals from Sardinia ( 5 specimens)

e) Garnet from Italy (5 specimens)
almandine, grossularia var hessonite(diff. colors) demantoids