What's new at the show

After a long travel, finally we arrived to Tucson for our participation to this 2009 edition.

This year there is a selected participation of more than 450 dealers , offering a unique occasion and opportunity to view a  worlwide selection of the best of the mineral market in the world.

2009 edition has a further concentration of the main dealers in the Inn Suite and Market place , plus the addition of Quality Inn and Ramada.

We started our visit  from the the Innsuite hotel but  we didn't cover   the whole rooms   in this first day: the offer and the material is very large!! Anyway  also speaking  with other visitors and friends   we can say that there's no many  relevant mineralogical news  in the market. Nevertheless, the level of the show is high and we saw interesting pieces  from old collections that are being offered .

Due to the jet lag, we wake up at 5,30 in the morning and we were in the Inn Suite area early in the morning but unfortunately most of the rooms where closed till 10 a.m ....One of the news we saw where some interesting  new find from Peru' with   very good dark brown scheelites crystals with transparent

needle quartz association.  From Austalia we saw some good pieces of magnetite  recently found  and  very nice opalized belemnites. Among the classic from USA a very nice selection of amazonites  with vivid color in association with smoky quartz  ; the prices are hight but we managed in   finding some very interesting pieces reasonable priced

Magnetite  and opalized belemnites
Golden Barite from Utah Nice ettringite from  kalahari mines


From Brasil we notice a large quantity of diamonds  in sedimentary concretions

  Setting up....


.About new findings,  we saw some very nice single, transparent, brilliant , generally partially etched crystals of Topaz from Patagonia, Argentina of cutting quality and highly priced.  From  USA  there was a display of a fluorite collection from Illinois  older that 30 years, with high quality , with very nice crystals  of different size and colors.  Among fluorites, one of our preferred minerals, we have found also some very nice specimens from New mexico  with a blue color and purple phamtoms

IIllinois fluorite collection

New Mexico  Fluorites

Not completely new, but very interesting are new wulfenites from Ojuela mine, Mexicoco: brillianto yellow crystals , sometimes in association with green mimetite with a truly great aesthetic effect. As usual Arizina and Tucson is always rich of great specimens of wulfenite, another "preferred" mineralogical species.

n A

The new Mexican Wulfenite with mimetite 

A large disply of several Wulfenites

A Large gemmy red beryl ..was only for display

Alpine Gwindels and Benitoite Neptunites

.At the Quality Inn there is a concentration of of chinese, russian and Indian dealers. No many news, but some interesting specimens, expecially from China; among the others, some large high quality  pieces of Euclase with crystal till 1 cm , in association qith quatz,  greta color, intense green new pyromorphytes and   nice gemmy hexagonal crystal of calcite  but with  high prices. From India a very nice array of fresh cavansites  on stilite and gemmy scolecites with calcite on top.



...will continue