What's new at the show

After visiting the Arizona minerals & fossil show at the Inssuite  &  Quality inn   we  continue  in the other venues , among the others,  Market place ,   Tucson Electric park,  Pueblo gem show, River Park Hotels and others.....

Coming back to the Quality Inn, there was a couple of dealers with a very selection of specimens, among them we have noted lucent, deep red HUGE cuprites  from Kazakhstan   with crystals till 3-4 cm . Most of the pieces were loose cluster withour matrix, but there were 3-4 pieces with the cuprites directy on the native copper!!! From Russia we have also to highlight gemmy large intense pink red apatites in association with smoky, almost morion quartz and chlorite , with a very nice and interesting color contrast. For the rest,  many more  Russian pieces,  expecially from Dal'nergosk area   such as quartz , datolite , sphalerites  fluorites ..but nothing new

Pink Apatite from Kazakstan and nice  Prase from Russia

Very nice Calcite crystal with  thin pyrite coverage from China  
Interesting combo of apatite and aquamarine  


At the Tucson Electric Park    we didn't found much new but  a booth was showing old stuff  of Flourite from Illinois with phamton colors



Some nice blue hemimrphyte from mexico

IIllinois fluorite collection


At the Holidome   we visit the room with the classic  Herkimer quartz  wher we saw and selected some intersting pieces. In another room we saw and incredible emerald crystal from Colombia of 7 cm standing up in a black calcite crystal plate ..It was sold for 180K !!

n A

A Large gemmy emerald was sold and  only for display


.From India   we  saw very old pieces of yugawaralite in   crystal till 5 cm   inside basalt vugs  and collected in Bombay area in 1985 !   There were also nice  Pentagonite , Goosecreekite and we selected some of these pieces . We also saw very big crystal of Babingtonite over prehenite from China



...will continue