What's new at the show

Continuing our mineral hunting ,  moving among the various hotels  we found some other things that we didn't see in our first scan

In the many Pakistan dealers rooms spread over the various venue   there were not many news neither many important pieces  most of them are reparired or damaged.    Any way few of them   had some important pieces  of acquamarine topaz , fluorites .. One of the news are  some very rare and unusual specimens of magenta colored topaz on quartz from Brumado, Bahia, Brazil. 

From China there were some gorgeous specimens of deep red rhodochrosite from the Wuton Mine that were shown in Collector's edge room. Their quality is almost close to the  Sweet Home ones

Another intersting find were some   Scepter amethyst from the defunct  locality of Taewa Korea. There was a good choice of few pieces and we managed to get some


China Rhodocrosites  and  Amethyst from Korea

Gold from Olinghouse mine Nevada Fluorite from South Africa


From Peru' there were some intersting pieces of silver sulfides : proustite polibasite  , we saw also a new find of wire gold   and  an incredible pyrite piece in hyaline quartz, 60+ cm piece wit pyrite crystals of more than 10!!. From Mexico we saw some pieces of rare purple creedite.The specimens have the top violet color that made this the world's premier find of creedite . We were told that pieces were collected in 1982



The day after we decided to visit some famous localities close to Tucson. First we went to Tumbstone, the famous town of th Ok Corral gun fight, with its cow boys, and old west landscapes. From there we went to Bisbee, the famous locality of the copper mines: among the various places we went also to visit the queen copper mine , an interesting tour of about 1 hour in a legendary mineralogical locality!!!

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