What's new at the show

Well  the last days  arrived for us and it's time to decide how to spend the last money  before preparing  and packaging all  for shipping.  One of the things we were looking for  are the   azurite from Milpillas Sonora Mexico:  there were very few  all around the show but in the last days  a Mexican guy arrived and set up a picnic table outside the Innsuite hotel   offering a good selection of azurite and malachite after azurite. We were among the first to choice, and we managed  to get some nice pieces. We also found a nice selection of red beryls offered  by a gem dealer at the collateral shows. All pieces  were from old find as the mine site closed 5 years ago. There were very few nice pieces with good red crystals till 2 cm


New find of purple and blue flourites from new mexico   and a blue topaz form colorado

Red Beryls Red Beryls


One of our  traditional visit while in Tucson  is the Westward look   mineral show where the  'gotha' of the mineral dealers  set up their rooms with some outstanding piece  but also many  'normal' pieces well displayed and   with high prices  respect their real value




Well  it's time to   return to our real job     and we leave the show   that will last all next week ending with the mineral show.  Just exchanging our point of view with many of the dealers, the general impression was that the show was not bad in terms of selling ,even if the business was 20 to 30%  less than in the past year. Also the visitors were not many as in the previous edition. There were very few news in the mineralogical market and the main and most attractive specimens were old specimens coming from old collections .

  See you next year, Tucson