What's new at the show

After a long travel, finally we arrived to Tucson for our participation to this 2011 edition.

Our impresion this year is that there is a larger participation of public and minerals collectors, in all the Tucson inn ( previously innsuite inn ) and in the other areas there was a lot of people looking for minerals, fossils and gems.

General quality of the  minerals was not exceptional, but looking carefully for good specimens we colud as usual find some interesting and great specimens.

Just going to the new finds and new rocks, we would like to highlight Milpillas mine, with usual azuirtes and malachites of exceptioal quality and a new find of brochantite in 2-3 cm long fiber crystals, very intetresting green chrome lawsonite from Greece, and new yellow lawsonite from California, a new find of vivid orange-red crocoites from Adelaide mine in new Zealand and from China some red quartz and yellow barites, in addition to some remarcable lucent ilvites in association with quartz.  From Peru Alabandites in lucent centimetric crystals in association with rhodochrosite.

  This year there is a selected participation of more than 450 dealers , offering a unique occasion and opportunity to view a  worlwide selection of the best of the mineral market in the world.

Here below enjoy some pictures of the mineralogic wolrd and of the unique athmosphere of the Show.

Boleite - Chrysocolla after boleite   and azurite from  Bisbee
  Azurite from Milpillas mexico
Old piece of wulfenite from Los Lamentos From Colorado in 2010 a new poket has been discovered, with dew specimens of intense color amazonite in the calssic combo with black quartz. Really great specimens.
A huge Cubanite crystal from Canada, more than 3 cm !! A classic specimen from the Michigan copper mines: a transparent red Calcite with copper inclusions Michigan C
Milpillas is becoming a new contemporary "mecca" for the mineral wolrd: besides wonderful azuirtes and malchites, the new find of 2010 are spectacular 2-3 cm long Brochantites !! A truly classic specimen from South africa: a 10 x 6 cm gemmy deep red Rhodochrosite


Setting up.... .....Relaxing in the sun



Rhodochrosite from Japan   a very old piece

New find Chromo Lawsonite from Greece

n A

Papagoite in quartz

A new find of large 3-4 cm lucent  Bournonite crystals  from China

Another new find of 2010 has been a new poket of crocoites from Adelaide mine in Tasmania. Color is vivid orange- red, great aesthetic and color.

Nice Rutile in quartz from Brasil


Ametrine from Bolivia  Elbaite and Morganite from Brasil Morganite from Afghanistan   and Adamite from Mexico


...will continue

Our friend Corrado  selecting some  fluorites, always looking for good specimens!!!