What's new at the show

Here we are to the second report of the 2011 Tucson show. We have continued the trips and visits to  the different dealers , This year we have seen some good material,  even if there is the usual problem of the "prices", as usual very high for the quality specimens. Enjoy the pictures of some of the specimens, old classic and new finds.....

Nice blue cap Tourmaline from Pederneira  and a mixed showcase
a spectacular Wulfenite from Los lamentos, large orange crystals on white matrix gemmy, lucent apatite from Pakistan
30+ centimetres Tourmaline from Pederneira gemmy tourmaline from Pederneira, a really great specimens.
Very big 15 cm  native gold from California A classic specimen from China, Scheelite and fluorite association
Gemmy Kunzite, 30+ cm  on matrix Large gemmy aquamarine in association with feldspar and quartz
A spectacular deep purple amethyst from Georgia, in association on white quartz matrix. Blue gemmy Tanzanite from Tanzania
A new find from Ilinois, gemmy calcite with Marcasite inclusions The 2010 find of crocoite.....



Fresnoite California

New find of wulfenite from Nevada

A huge gemmy Kunzite 60+ cm long.... completely gemmy, deep color, a superb piece!

Rhodo 4 cm long on quartz matrix from China

n A

The new ilvaite from China   large crystals  till 4 cm luster with quartz

The new emeralds from Zambia

Another new find of 2010 has been large crystals of alabandite in association with rodocrosite  from peru'

Incredibel emerald color of demantoid garnet from Madagascar


Anglesite from Toussit and large crocoite display Large elbaite from Pakistan and Emerald from  colombia


...will continue