What's new at the show

Wecontinue the report of our Tucson 2011.

After the  first days with the mineral "fewer" we are taking some more relax and enjoying the show and the wonderful Arizona landscapes and natural beauty.

The only problem is the weather,  after the first two days with 25-28 degrees celsius , yesterday we spent all the day at about 0 degrees.... freezing....

Most of the dealers, expecially those in the tents closed the the exposition due to the exteremely cold weather.

This is Tucson......

The entrance of the Quality Inn Hotel Where most of the Chinese dealers and pakistan  are established....
From China we had some new findings and some great specimens from classic localities.... new fluorite of two generation with green cubic crystals at the base overlaid by grey lucent cubic crystals. A splendid combo of apatite and goshenite from China
The Phamtom fluorite on white dolomite  from Shangbao China New phantom fluorite, fully transparent with purple corners   from Cina
New blue fluorite find from China:  crystals are of 1 cm   very intesnse color under sunlight A very big perfect rutile of   15 cm from Georgia
Mixed specimens from China I: lvaites and manganoan calcite A pala tourmaline
Very nice aquamarine piece... 40 cm long with 10-15 cm aquas....the piece was already sold.... Large 5 cm morganite with quartz 
Relaxing   at the  Tucson city center Hotel  
Classic wulfenite from Los lamentos, mexico, with crystals of 2 cm ,and a very intense color also the fossil world is sometimes intersting for us: look at this composition of fossil fishes from USA
A large more tha 20 cm plate of gemmy barite from Nevada more than 1,5 m double terminated amazonite crystal from Brazil

We decided to visit with our friends Maurizio and Doris the Organ pipe national park, 120 miles south of Tucson in the Sonora Desert...

The experience of the desert with 0 degrees was very nice but freezing..... we were the only visitors due to the very cold and windy  climate, but the landscapes were amazing ... look here to some pictures







.....will continue