What's new at the show

As usual in our last day  in Tucson we decided   to visit  the Top Show  at the Westward look resort.

Also this year the westward had most of the american and international top dealers and the exhibition of the Sorensen collection, with very nice specimens....

Visiting the top dealers rooms..... If you don't believe that the temperature was under 0 degree here is the proof
The new crocoite from 2010 find we already mentioned  and   a 5+ cm Tanzanite crystal in Matrix
Incredible   nice Legrandite from Mexico, 4 cm long, deep yellow color A Large 15 cm crystallized native Gold from California
An amazing array of mexican wulfenites A curiosity   A malachite ball included in azurite from Bisbee
Mixed specimens of Rhodocrosites from severals places A beautiful gemmy blue topaz from Urals
Very nice gemmy 10 cm big crystals of morganite on feldspar and quartz from Pakistan!!. Large 3 cm gemmy red crystals of wulfenite from Red cloud mine
A mixed  presentation of specimens A mixed  presentation of specimens
Very nice Blue fluorite from Austria: The find of these fluorites has been recently described on minrec. Large 4 cm gemmy emerald on  matrix from Colombia
A large more tha 40 cm gemmy calcite from Elmwood Very large plate of gemmy calcite from Elmwood
Wire gold From Nevada 15 cm emeralds from Zambia

......but now it's time to  go to ship our boxes ....sadly  our week is over






.....See you next year!!!!!